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Journeyman III

Battlefield 2042 Direct X Driver Crashes

Is anyone else having Direct X crashes in BF2042. I have a Radeon VII so it has DX12 support. I'm playing at 1440p High 144hz.

My drivers are updated and i had originally DDU the drivers during the beta and tried updating DX12 and i removed my undervolt and left the GPU at stock settings, even saw somewhere that increasing power draw might help, so i had +20 power draw and ramped my fans up to keep up with the temps and was able to play a lil bit longer than normal until Crash #2 happened.

This was the first crash i was getting during beta and during early access last night on release.

DirectX function "GetDeviceRemovedReason" failed with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG (*The GPU will not respond to more commands"). GPU: "AMD Radeon VII", Driver 21.11.2  ( This error is usually caused by the graphics driver crashing, try installing the latest drivers

This was the second crash after trying power draw increase and ramped up the fans

DirectX function *m_devicePlat-> CreateCommittedResource(&heapProps, D3D12__HEAP_NONE, &platDesc, creationState, clearValuePtr, __uuldof(**(&resource)), IID_PPV_ARGS_Helper(&resource))* failed with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED ("The video card has been physically removed from the system., or a driver upgrade for the video card has occurred. "). GPU: "AMD Radeon VII", Driver 21.11.2 ( D:\dev\TnT\LocalPackages\RenderCore2\2.04.300-ks\source4\platform\Dx12\ResourceBuilderDx12.cpp. This error is usually caused by the graphics driver crashing, try installing the latest drivers.DeviceRemovedReason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG ("The GPU will not respond to more commands"),

GPUBreadcrumbs: ------ GPU Stopped somewhere near here ------

[   NO  ]-Rc1;:drawFinalADS


Not really sure what is going on, I've tried all sorts of fixes that people had luck with during the beta when this was happening but a lot of them were on cards that were older and didn't support the correct DX12 version.

This is my system specs if that helps. I don't overclock, i only ever undervolt the gpu for cooler temps but i took that off when i started having problems with this game.

MSI MPG x570 Gaming Pro Carbon

Ryzen 5800x

G.skill Flare X 3200mhz cl16 2x16gb

Radeon VII

Corsair hx750 80+ Plat

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I already tried only driver. Same sad story.

Same here.

Fresh Windows 11, Latest drivers (then tried the optional ones)


6800XT Taichi X

32GB RAM 3600mhz



its not our fault or fault of our system.

The Problem is the game and some Graphics Cards. 

EA or AMD has to fix this, but its more a game problem, because so far i dont have any other issues with my beloved 6900XT, an d i think the most of us either.

Its definitely a game issue but maybe AMD can also fix it

Radeon VII crashes are because of Sundance.  Something in her model causes an insta crash if she is selected as a specialist in menu or someone plays her and gets within about 10ft of you in game.


Radeon VII - game crashes when Sundance specialist is on the screen - Answer HQ (


Its an AMD problem. Nvidia doesnt crash. My 6900XT crashes. 


Game is 10 times worst now after last update.
I always crash any map any mode.  


Unfortunately after almost 3 days without directX issue.... now  I not able to play more than 2 min without a crash..

AMD!!! shame on you !!!

R9 5900x + rx 6900 xt.. a lot of other people who make a huge effort to buy those overpriced video cards not only rx 6900 xt but all of the 6000 series and you AMD just not care about what customers says ... 

For me is clear that this will be the last time when I` have buyed an AMD product

With this setting BF2042 never crash, 5900x+6900xt ! Just dont let your GPU to go down , set minim 2200-2500- 2300-2600mhz, set like in this picture all, oc your board and you never take crash ! i play for days! no one crash!

It's just your auto oc or another mode...

Try this and you thanks to me !Untitled.jpg


no, look at the EA Forum!

there are several Nvidia Users (2080ti, 1080, 3070 etc) which have exactly the same DirectX issue.

so it's not an AMD Problem--> its an primarly Game-Problem

Can confirm with the new Battlefield patch and with the latest AMD drivers that Sundances hair still crashes my game.


You try what i say and you still have crash?


the crashes in my case are in 100% Stock Mode.

there is NO OC or UV all standard

to avoid the crash i have to underclock my card massive. So to max. Core Clock 2000mhz. But i did't buy an 1000 Dollar GPU to play BF 2042 at 6800/6700XT performance! thats not accetable

most crashes in bf2042 can be avoided by closing firefox/spotify/f.lux/etc while playing and/or disabling hardware acceleration in these apps

for some reason they don't play nicely together when everything else runs fine with them open...


I find a solution in my case (r9 5900x + radeon 6900xt) set Radeon Chill between 55 and 239 fps, This should be the free sync range for my monitor "Odyssey G7". No underclook or any limits to GPU. Seems that is at some point the fps is going to much  under  or too much over monitor gsinc range cause this error with directX. 


None of the solutions listed above work

No new information from amd?

Did i bought inferior hardware with amd?

Of course you bought inferior Hardware


I just tried installing the drivers only, as many of you here suggested. Same "§&)"$( happens. Driver crash. 

I hope you all learnt your lesson. NEVER AGAIN AMD CARDS

I think Verte95 is someone from amd, trying to blame it on the game instead of the drivers. 


On battlefield 5, they argued our AMD cards are not designed for DX11, its an old version, etc.. et.c.. etc... I get stutters all the time in BF5. 


Now on 2042 they argue its the game. 

I met 2 people (from at least 50 BF2042 players) which had crashes on Nvidia. A simple registry change fixed everything. Now here you have us: 

-installing (newer/older) drivers

-installing drivers only 

-setting minimum / maximum clocks

-reinstalling windows

-underclocking/ overclocking

- turning on / off all of the radeon settings

- not choosing certain characters, cause they crash more

- etc...etc...etc... trying to solve something that AMD is responsible for. Stop blaming everything. Accept the **bleep** responsability and bring a fix to it. I paid 1100 Euros for a top of the line gpu which I expect AT LEAST to run the game. I havent even started complaining about the stuttering, etc.. 



@elvergon  Battlefield 2042 only runs on Dx12 does not have Dx11



Adrenalin 21.12.1 caused my bf 2042 direct x crashes, reinstalled 21.10 & it fixed it. 


Went from crashing immediately upon game play to playing 3 rounds with out a hitch.


When is there an official fix for this? Crashing every 20-30 minutes.


Hello,  my rig is 5800x  and 6900xt gigabyte version oc. Asus tuf 570 32gb. Of ram. 1200watt power supply Thermaltake. Power delivery is very important the way the game calls for power. If you have a high end vga. You must connect three individual pcie. Cables.  No daisychain connection. 3x8 pin meaning one 8pin per cable from the power supply.  You welcome.  Problem  solved.  My rig has been running this game smoothly with no issues.  It's your responsibility to build your pc correctly. 

Hope this helps everyone. 

Not applicable

As they put it, BT 2042 is only good for a PC beyond the 2000s, or even 3000 euros, and even with 1950: 1080 resolution, which is actually standard today. With my RX5700XT, this resolution is not possible according to the system requirements. What was Dice thinking?


I have a 1200w corsair PSU with the 6900xt. No daisy chain connections and one cable per rail. That does not solve the problem. The useless amd drivers are the problem. It is the card developer responsability to create stable drivers. This is not new, it has been known for years that AMD drivers are a POS.


I hope that helps. 


this is definitely a driver problem: 

1. crashes happen not only in BF2042;

2. changing the driver to default from the windows update solves the problem.

in my case, crashes happened in bf2042, phasmophobia and satisfactory.

I'm tired of messing around with reinstalling drivers and chose the standard one from the windows update. There have been no crashes with this version yet. This is a real shame for the amd. 

I have 6900xt (the only thing that i changed in my pc).

I finally solved all my problems. I have a few tips for anyone who is experiencing issues with game crashes and driver errors.

1. Whatever power your PSU is - connect the power to the video card with separate cables, and not with one type Y (1 end in the PSU, two in the card). In my case it helped with first ~50% crashes

2. Disable any CPU overclock you have done.

3. Disable any overclocking of RAM, including XMP (in my case it helped with second ~50% crashes, "thanks" gigabyte).

If, after reading all my points, you think "hey, I have a normal overclock and all the tests pass completely" - just try all three points.

Now I can use the recommended driver version without any errors and fps drops 


The cable management is correct. Thats the way jt should be done with ANY card and psu.

But it is total BS if you are removing the xmp profiles of your system. Maybe you had an unstable system before but it should have manifested with all games or while doing some intensive work.


We are talking about driver hung here. It is AMDs fault for delivering unstable drivers. In other games you also get microstuttering, what doesnt happen with nvidia cards.


Just AMD can solve this and guess what, they wont do it. You already have their card and paid for it. Just look at the amount of people complaining without a single improvement over time.

stil same directx crash with everything on stock and downclocked gpu,dx12 forced in game and off still crashing,xmp default crashing,new win11 stock install same crash,5 diffrent drivers same crash,other games fine not crashing this is just beyond help



sounds strange - I have 0 problems - first time launching BF 2042 - yes but after some search on internet - it was because I needed new redist. packages for visual c++

after this my problems was solved (that was for launching the game at all). The directx problem / error. As I recall I installed new package of directx from MS and a new version of drivers for AMD also came out. Anyway it worked at that time. Also deleted all shaders (both found in documents/bf2042 and using the disc cleanup tool).

Currently I'm using the latest driver of Adrenalin and it works fine.


Did the same, installed last visual c++ 2015-2022, played almost two games until to crash with directX error.

RX 6900xt, Ryzen 9 5900x, 850W Platinum PSu, 32 Gb ram 3600 Mhz, Win 11, installed last week, and updated to day.

Only way to play without any single crash is to set "max frequency" to 75%, nothing else to do in AMD software 


Frequency on what memory speed or gpu ? cause i can't downclock mem speed at all 1750 mhz is the lowest with the amd radeon software locked btw ''nice feature'' AMD.

And i allready did that on gpu speed ,it's been 2 months since this is a problem nobody gives a s''' until someone from well known yt tech spectre takes jab and embarrassing them both publicly .

But then again now i should pay for a gpu and not use it as advertised speeds really in this age were gpu cost arm&leg ,u know what who ever reads this i found a long term solution ,unistalling BFsjwbroken2042 and sell the 5700xt ,then getting ngreedia 3060/70/ti .


Today's Battlefield 2042 update crashes after a few games vs at start of 1st game.

I was able to play 15 mins before crashing. Running with new drivers. Never AMD again. 

The latest driers don't play well with 2042.  Stick with the 10/25/21 drivers.


I would also suggest downloading/running DDU driver removal and follow the instructions. Safe mode is extremely important.

Been running the October drivers for over 250 hours and have had maybe 5 crashes after using DDU.

Nvidia has the exact same DirectX crashes.


Any update?

Still happening on driver version 22.3.1, in my case in battlefield 4. So annoying.



The issue is happening on Nvidia cards too.  Quick Google search will show this is a wide spread issue.

Crashing like it's new year.


ryzen 2600

Msi x370

16 gb ram


tried 3 different drivers same story it's apsurd now 3 months is this thing going on now.

tweet @CatalystMaker so he can see this mess


Stop saying that Nvidia crashes as well in the same manner. A small change in regeditor solves everything there. I play competetively with at least other 30+ players using nvidia. None of them has this problem. On the AMD side I got at least 3 friends which crash all the time. 

Huge thread over at the official EA BF2042 site with Nvidia and AMD having DX12 crashes.  If you Google DX212 game crashes, lots of threads and mainly seem to point to an issue with DX12.





With reference 69000xt, 21.12.1 driver crashes early and often.  21.11.3 less often but still crashes while WHQL 21.10.2 hasn't crashed yet but no Blender Cycles acceleration.