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Adept I

Basic custom fan settings lost in AMD Software Adrenalin Edition after every reboot

I recently purchased an RX 6800 and noticed the fans weren't spinning. So I eventually found out where to correct the issue:

  • Performance (primary menu).
  • Tuning (secondary menu).
  • GPU / Tuning Control / Manual Tuning (located on the far right).
  • Fan Tuning (Enabled).
  • Zero RPM (Disabled).
  • Advanced Control (for five points to have fan control relative to temperature).
  • I click on the red "Apply Changes" button at the top-right after changing the settings.

Okay, so that works great...

  • My GPU is the RX 6800.
  • There are no crashes.
  • I'm using the latest version (AMD Software Adrenalin Edition 22.7.1).
  • The Settings / Hotkeys / "Save Instant Replay" change is still what I set it to after several reboots.

The problem is that the fan settings are not applied after restarting my computer.

How do I force the AMD Software to apply these changes without forcing me to manually set them literally after every time I reboot my computer?

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After you make your changes in the tunning, make sure you click to apply them.  Then create a profile.  I'm running Adrenalin 22.8.2 and haven't had any problems with it yet.  I understand what you are saying though.  Had the same problems until I started creating the profile.  It helped mine even after updating Adrenalin drivers.

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After you make your changes in the tunning, make sure you click to apply them.  Then create a profile.  I'm running Adrenalin 22.8.2 and haven't had any problems with it yet.  I understand what you are saying though.  Had the same problems until I started creating the profile.  It helped mine even after updating Adrenalin drivers.

On my 4K screen I wish all the buttons had explicit text labels though at least they have (mouse-hover) titles.

  • I adjusted the fan settings so my RX 6800 wasn't sitting with the fans set to 0 RPM.
  • I clicked on the Save Profile button (top right, third from "Stress Test").
  • I restarted my computer.
  • I visually confirmed that the fans were running / not at 0 RPM and that the fan settings were as I had set them before the restart.

So thank you Vynski for your help.


This solution doesn't work on computer reboot for me. The fans all reset to 0 RPM on the graph in overclocking settings. I also had to disable fast boot in windows 10/11 on my 2 rigs to initially get the profiles to load on boot. Now this isn't even working. My cards go up over 90 degrees celcius and fans stay off.

I also have saved the profile as recommended after applying settings.


I'll attach my original post here.

6700 XT, 6900 XT fans not turning on after windows... - AMD Community


Matt, while AMD's software is not my area of expertise I have dealt with a lot of software configurations and you also likely have had it installed and updated over the years...was your previous card also AMD? If so then the configuration files may have become corrupted. I'm a web developer and deal with all sorts of oddities.

Try reinstalling while using AMD's clean installation option at the start of the installation. You could try saving the existing profile though I recommend manually setting the fan speeds first, rebooting and confirming whether or not a clean install worked. If you then import the exported profile and the problem happens again then you know that importing a profile pulls the bug forward...if so then please report the problem so the AMD developers can look in to the issue and hopefully fix it.

Gamers Nexus did a review on a Sapphire 6900XT and said that their brand is typically higher quality. Oh hey...I went to look and my settings reverted...great! I'm at 44C / 45C idle with my Sapphire RX 6800. I'll have to post again later after another reboot.

If your card is at at over 90C sitting idle then something is seriously wrong:

  • Do you have at least one in-take and one exhaust fan on your case?
  • Did you install a new cooler?
  • Did you replace the thermal paste?
  • Did you do anything that required removing the GPU heatsink?
  • What is the ambient air temperature in the room with the computer?
  • Are you live on the surface of the sun or somewhere similar such as Florida?

Going out of your way to provide this kind of information up-front will help you get answers quicker.

Additionally please pay it forward - presuming you figure out what is wrong and are able to correct it post an answer so other people can learn from your experience. The Internet is just pointlessly overflowing with "Thanks! Got it working and not going to say what I did!" threads making it difficult to find quality threads.

Adept I

About ~15 minutes later I did a restart and a shut down. Now there were of course complications.

  • I have not yet turned off Windows Fast Startup.
  • Disabling Fast Startup *might* be what causes my computer to not actually shut down or restart.
  • My computer fails to actually restart, it just goes dark though never restarts.
  • My computer was failing to shut down though I think that was something related to Windows Fast Startup.
  • When I booted up the AMD Software refused to run so I had to kill all the processes.
  • I started it up though killing all AMD processes doen't count as normal behavior though the fan settings were being honored.

So I'm not sure what caused the fans to revert back to zero RPM. I don't mind if there is a zero RPM option however I think only the snobbiest of people actually care about that. I buy my hardware know I might have to rely on that given part for a decade so I want to really take care of my equipment.

I'll try to look out for responses, I'm not used to how the forums work here so I don't know if I'll get your reply notification quickly or not...I actually visited from the weekly round up email I got, I prefer instant notifications myself.

Adept I

I have been having the same issue, HDWR 5900x and 6900 XT. The GPU tuning clock, fan curve, volt etc... everything in the tuning tab kept resetting after shutdown or restart. I had MSI afterburner installed but I did not have it launching on start up I had to open it myself to run. Once went and uninstalled MSI afterburner from the PC tried again and started with only changing the fan curve apply and saved profile now it restarted and it still holding my custom fan curve and the fan 0 RPM disabled (which I hate). seems to work now like it's intended somehow just having MSI AB installed is enough to mess it up. Running on the latest Adfredalin 22.9.2

Joey, I've noticed that the settings are lost when I get a Wattman crash error notice (see

I had opened a tab for the guy who was the head of AMD Radeon on Twitter until I could publicly message him though the powers that be got rid of him literally that week.

So until they fix the issue I import the settings I've exported. Unfortunately I have to keep manually setting the keybindings which conflict with web development so it's annoying.


Thank you so much, I also have been having this issue for quite some time and thanks to you I have noticed that my MSI afterburner has been set to apply settings at startup (weirdly the app itself wouldnt launch on startup), disabled it and now my tuning settings persist on reboot and I get to keep afterburner and rivatuner installed as well.


Yes, same thing here with a 7900 XT. First used Asus Tweak to set a curve and it worked for a couple weeks, then suddenly the fans were stuck at 30%. Same thing when I tried to set it with the Adrenaline software. I could actually watch there how my curve get reset. I removed MSI Afterburner and now all works flawlessly.


I had this issue before. I ran the AMD cleanup utility and reinstalled chipset/graphics drivers. As someone above mentioned I also disabled fast startup in Windows but I'm not sure if that was at the same time/part of this fix.. After that the fan profiles stuck through reboots and haven't had issues since.

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