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Auto-Detect Installer, installs Radeon PRO version (Blue) with 5600xt

Not a huge deal actually - everything works fine, games, videos, etc. There is even some Recording and Streaming capabilities in there I see (in the blue RADEON PRO installed).

I just mention because I usually receive the Radeon ADRENALINE edition (Red); system has as a GPU:

5600 XT
Windows 10 22H2

Just mentioning in case it is KNOWN or UNINTENDED issue. 


Loving my GPU and Radeon Software otherwise - keep up the great work!

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There is a difference between the Pro and regular Adrenaline drivers.

The Pro version is optimized for Apps and running professional type programs while Adrenaline is optimized for Gaming.

Possibly you didn't remove all traces of your last AMD driver.

Use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and deleting, if created, AMD Driver Installation folder at C:\AMD BEFORE installing the new AMD Driver again.

Afterward check to see if it is still showing the Pro version instead of the Adrenaline version.

From past experience I learned that AMD will install whatever Driver is compatible with your GPU card. If you have AMD Pro GPU card it will automatically enable the Pro version of the Driver.

If you have a Consumer GPU card like the one you have it should have automatically enabled the Adrenaline version during installation.

NOTE: Which AMD Driver did you download and try to install?  The Pro version or the Adrenaline Version?

Here is the latest Win 10/11 Driver for your 5600XT GPU Card:

hey thanks for all the info - I used the Auto-Detect installer from the Drivers area of the Website.

Thank you but there was no previous traces of AMD driver, it was the first time installing the AMD drivers after a fresh install of Windows 10. 

Yes it is interesting it picked the "AMD Software PRO Edition" to install on an RX 5600 XT videocard heh

It's OK, there is nothing really wrong, everything works great, FSR works in games, all options seem to be there like
Metrics Overlay
FSR/RSR, Super Resolution, Chill, Anti-Lag
Instant Replay, Live Streaming

I don't mind it haha I was just mentioning it in case AMD staff want to check the detection of the "Auto-Detect and Install Driver" at the AMD Drivers and Support | AMD location. 

Everything works OK though!

Sounds like the Auto-detect mistook your Consumer GPU Card as a Pro version or you had some thing install (App or Hardware) that Auto-Detect decide to use the Pro version instead.

Good idea opening a AMD Support ticket ( to let them know of a possible bug in that program.


wow, really? I guess it'll bring it to their attention just in case...

Thanks again for all your input!

IMHO the pro driver are always a little better and stable, but that's just me.