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Adept I

Audio bug after installing drivers

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem. I have an Asus RX580 Arez. I've installed the latest drivers and my USB microphone has just stopped working. I've scoured the forums for solutions, one of which is to change the HDMI Link in the app (not working), change it in the device manager or "AMD high definitive" driver (not working). I've tried drivers from 2020, 2021 and 2022 and they still don't work, having uninstalled everything completely using the DDU and depending on the device you put as the audio input, if you test it on a video in the browser, it crashes.




PS. I was using the microphone on the same day with a different video card, when I changed it, these audio bugs happened

2 Replies

When I reinstall AMD drivers I get a weird USB disconnect sound at random times. To solve it I uninstall the AMD USB LED devices from Device Manager under HID Devices.  Maybe there's something in there that you can safely remove that will fix it.  

Another option is to reinstall the driver as "Driver Only" from the install screen rather than "FULL INSTALL", there' s drop down menu that's easy to miss if you just blindly click OK on each screen.  That will tell you if it's some other component of the driver.


I've already tried installing the drivers for the 3 different modes from different versions and disabling AMD high definition and still the microphone doesn't recognize the sound, unfortunately