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Adept II

atiapfxx.blb / gmdb.blb question related to a Rocket League AMD game profile

Hi i need some assistance with the gpu driver files pertaining to an issue I have with a game( RocketLeague). I have the game installed trough Epic installer not steam, had it from steam some time ago though


In my case , gmdb.blb from appdata folder contains this lines


"installer_id": "Steam App 252950"

"steam_id": 252950


Editing these lines will have no effect as they get added back when the game is launched.

Are they coming from generic AMD profiles that I assume are saved in windows\system32\atiapfxx.blb ?


How can I edit this DB to remove the rocket league profile while keeping it's integrity so that other profiles work?


I tried removing the profile from atiapfxx.blb with an external tool capable of editing binary files, the file format was identical to the original form (with the exceptions of the names i removed) but the game profiles stopped working all together so i assume there is some integrity check or something, no idea.



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