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Journeyman III

ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3650 windows 10

Hello Amd i have Laptop HP EliteBook 8530w Windows 10

I try to update the Display card from amd site i try the windows 8 driver bute this problem




2 Replies

The Windows 8 driver is not compatible with your graphics unfortunately under Windows 10. 

Make sure Windows is fully up to date. 

Run DDU from wagnardsoft dot com, to clear out any drivers on the system and to start with a clean slate.

There are no Windows 10 drivers for your laptop beyond what Widows itself installs from its repository of drivers, as that GPU was EOL and went unsupported before Win 10 came out. 

So let Windows re-install drivers after you clear them out and reboot. 

It is about all you can do. 

Good Luck and Happy Hollidays!

If that doesn't meet your needs it may just be time to look into something a bit more modern.

Good Luck!



I haven't tried this myself (I'm on the Linux team and haven't installed a Windows driver in years) but I remember reading that if you install the Win8 driver on Win10 by running the installer under "compatibility mode" (in Device Manager maybe) it would usually work OK.

There was a good YouTube video on it but I wasn't able to find it just now.