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Journeyman III

ASUS TUF A16 (2023) Black screen on login with AMD SmartAccess Graphics

Hi, I own the ASUS TUF Gaming A16 Advantage Edition with an AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS and Radeon RX 7600S (using the latest AMD drivers).


When cold booting I see the bios, Windows starting up. And more often than not, the login screen will turn black while the rest of the machine is working fine (I can even login blindly). The same can happen when putting the machine to sleep by closing the lid. Opening the lid will show the login screen for 2 seconds before it turns black. Closing, opening will show the same thing until it randomly decides to not turn black and operate normally.

While playing games, and switching between the iGPU to dGPU, or back when exiting, everything works fine.


A working solution is to disable AMD SmartAccess Graphics and fully rely on the dGPU entirely (Armoury Crate: Ultimate).

When switching AMD SmartAccess Graphics off, and defaulting to Microsoft Hybrid Graphics mode (Armoury Crate: Standard GPU mode) it seemed to happen less (or not at all), but I haven’t tested this for long though.

Driver or bios issue?

I’ve filed a bug report with AMD’s bug reporting tool, and hope since it seems to be a general driver issue (and not brand related, as Alienware (M17 R5 AMD Advantage 6850M XT Screen goes black. : r/Alienware ( and Lenovo (Legion 7 Gen 7 AMD Advantage Black Screen Issues : r/LenovoLegion ( show similar issues) that a fix will be forthcoming sooner than later.

I hope first of all AMD and ASUS acknowledge the existence of this issue, it seems AMD Advantage laptops with AMD SmartAccess Graphics are still quite uncommon.

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Journeyman III

I'm experiencing the same exact issue


Journeyman III

Exactly same issue with 1 week old TUF A16. Just posting this in hopes of quick fix even tho i returned my Laptop.
Asus does not even accept yet that they have a issue so all hope lies on AMD.


I returned my A16 immediately when I saw the exact same behavior given the problematic nature of the black screen login for amd and nvidia. I assume it was an issue with Asus either display or bios.

Journeyman III

Thanks. I switched over to hybrid graphics mode and I haven't have it happen to me since. Funny enough, the black screen issue happened when I updated the drivers to the latest version. On the original factory firmware, it didn't do this. Is the performance the same as compared to the smartaccess graphics mode?

Not sure how much performance penalty there is, but previously hybrid mode could give you a 5-10% penalty (from what I've read, not benchmarked myself), but it really depends on the game.