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Arif Patel Preston -How do I manually update my AMD and How I know if my AMD drivers are up to date?

Hello Friends myself Arif Patel From Preston UK, I am a Dubai-based developer, Recently I visited London to my friend and there are the Latest Update on his computer, so I also want the same update on my computer in Dubai can you please let me know How do I manually update my AMD Drivers and How I know if my AMD drivers are up to date?

Thank You Arif Patel Preston.

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Is your BIOS up to date first off?

..and are you talking chipset or GPU drivers? ... or both?

Be sure to download either/or .. or both .. from

With AM4/AM5 chipset drivers .. it will tell you what version of the drivers it is installing prior to installing them ... you can open up your device manager and under system .. look at the driver version for the corresponding device .. and see if they differ

for example .. the installer will list the SMBus driver number and you can pull up AMD SMBus under System devices in Device Manager and compare the driver version of the what you have installed and what AMD's chipset driver is going to install

device manager.pngsmbus.png

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