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Journeyman III

AntiLag + and Hypr-Rx

GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6800

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800x3d

AMD Driver Version: 23.9.3


I was just searching on YouTube for ways to increase my FPS in Starfield, while none of the videos I watched actually increased the FPS since I'm getting the max, I did notice a setting in a specific video that one user created--- When he went to his display tab within the AMD adrenaline app, he has an option for Anti-lag, and then when he enabled this setting another setting came available called,  "Anti-Lag +". It sparked my interest, because I have my Anti-lag setting enabled as well, but I do not have the option to enable Anti-lag +. 

Also, I seen he had an option for Hypr-RX, which I had no idea what this was until I saw the video, and I did my research. My AMD adrenaline software doesn't have the option to enable this as well. 

I recently just bought this PC, and I had both the CPU and GPU installed by a local IT company in my town about 3 weeks ago, and I remember the original software version of the drivers were 22.8.2. I mention this because it mentions in the AMD article that the anti-lag +, and Hypr-RX feature were not available until the 23.9.1 updated version of the Adrenaline app. Well, it's updated, and it's still not showing either one of the features. 

Could my AMD software be corrupted? I mean my CPU utilization was reading 1%-5% while gaming up until I installed the 23.9.1 version, and the CPU utilization started showing the correct number. Should I uninstall and reinstall the drivers, but ensuring that it's the 23.9.1 version and start from there, or should I reinstall the 23.9.3 version? 

I'm just confused on why these features are not showing within the application. 

Any resolutions will be greatly appreciated! 



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Adept II

sorry, but those only work on 7000 series cards. I have them available on my 7900xtx, but not on my 6800xt.

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