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AMD you can do better and more stable drivers.

Please list all known issues that users are having, just because you cannot reproduce does not mean they aren't happening, you have had a huge amount of cards being returned before more then Nvidia, driver issues have existed and they are back since 22.5.2

Please take us seriously, when i say i have a problem i have problem, but when many are having problem and im being told its just me that just enough, i dont wanna buy an Nvidia gpu they are greedy, dlss3 has proven that once again.

Please fix the blackscreen issues for many this is a dejavu moment but for users that have not had AMD gpu for long time its frustating to find out nothing is wrong with your hardware when its all down to drivers.

Even agesa 1207 still has a edc bug so i am stuck on agesa 1203c as result, i have no problems on 22.5.1 recommended drivers i have problems on 22.5.2 and up and same with agesa visions after 1203c.

If had a lot of blackscreens when using whatsapp desktop especially when doing video calls or when its running in the background, so i uninstalled whatsapp started doing video calls with signal.

I even tested if signal is stable since 22.7.1 and 22.8.1 and 22.8.2 and 22.9.1 all can trigger blackscreens under 2 minutes, i started video call with my self from phone to my PC it instantly blackscreened i could not even pick it up.

These issues started happening since i got a logitech brio webcam back in juli 22.7.1 is the juli driver, if noticed these problems with 22.7.1 bassicly been testing each driver since to confirm if its stable and always go back to 22.5.1 cos its the only stable driver.

i remember 22.5.2 being stable 22.6.1 was stable, i went back tested these drivers i would blackscreen when doing a video call for like 1 to 3 hours sometimes 10 minutes or 30 minutes.

this has been the case on any driver after 22.5.2 except select few that can trigger it instantly or within 2 minutes when flip model optimisations is enabled on windows 11 22h2

Please stop censoring your feedback and flagging it as spam, im seriously tired of this, i dont wanna buy an nvidia gpu but its more and more starting to look like this is my only solution, enough is enough.

These issues have been going on for years by the looks of it, and its time you fix your drivers once and for all.

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Makes desktop stable but games aren't stable it does't fix game stability not even close you just freeze instead of blackscreen bassicly same thing but without blackscreen, desktop use apps etc never had gpu driver crash this probably cos of MPO, while games that freeze system are result of unstable drivers took me long time to realize but disabling MPO is not worth it downsides well if you use HDR its gonna look worse without MPO so don't bother just stick to 22.3.1 or 22.5.1 generally the best drivers or any older driver of preference.

Anyway best solution right now is install old drivers and hope its stable or give up and buy a Nvidia gpu i would stay away from rtx 40 series due to 12 pin issues i would rather settle for AMD driver issues

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Journeyman III

I had issues w/ AMD's 6900 XT with my PC with driver timeouts, unresponsive driver errors, and black screen/hangs that last up to 30seconds to a minute before recovering.  Ended up selling that card at a small loss a little over a year ago and bought an XFX 6900XT XTXH waterblocked card.  I had the same issues.  I RMA'd the card and XFX sent me a brand new replacement and the new card has these issues too.

This led me to do some research and it led me to your post.  Did not realize that all of these problems were related to their drivers and not my hardware setup.  This is very upsetting.  I did purchase these cards during their peak pricing and can't believe AMD cant release stable drivers for over a year.

I'm on 22.10.1 and I get these black screen hangs just browsing YT.  I'm hoping the next release resolves all of the driver timeout and unresponsive display driver recovery error issues.  I should've figured that it was related to drivers, as the hangs only happen in Windows and not macOS (hackintosh build).

Registered a community account just to voice my frustrations.  AMD.. do better.

Try 22.5.2 or 22.7.1, it may help.

22.7.1 is one of the most unstable drivers for me and i use it to test which apps can trigger blackscreens quickly cos its so easy to reproduce under that driver, if it blackscreens on 22.7.1 it will blackscreen in 1 to 3 hours on any driver since 22.5.2

Expecting a new gpu driver today tomorrow or the day after, since many new games release tomorrow and day after, i think tomorrow releases a game with direct storage support i think.


I believe that the next driver will also be an optional one continuing the same bugs saga.

I'm starting to lose faith in AMD..

PC build: 5800X3D, Asus C6H, 6800XT, NVMe, SSDs and HDDs, Creative SBX AE-5, LG 48-180Hz FS 1440p

It has some targeted fixes, im hoping the next driver is fully stable for me while i do not use whatsapp desktop, because my only other triggered blackscreen was when alt tabbing into firefox that had a video looping without me realizing.

If been stable for couple of days but if not been playing many games during those times, while whatsapp can trigger blackscreen if i test videocall for like 1 to 3 hours


Still sounds like webcam/software problem and not driver issue...


It's a bug related to DX 11 hardware acceleration, it's an AMD driver issue.

How can I trigger it in my computer?


22.7.1 on windows 11 22h2 + logitech brio webcam at 4k and flip model optimisations turned on for me triggers blackscreen instantly upon starting a video call towards my self via phone towards my PC to under 2 minutes, especially while wallpaper engine is running but its not neccesary it may take longer without, its not a wallpaper engine issue either if i use signal instead it won't blackscreen at all, look at all the notes at 22.10.1 that probably not even complete yet with all the new issues, it gives big hints on what may be wrong with drivers.

If also exprienced blackscreens without whatsapp when alt tabbing from game to browser that has video on loop, the issues on known issue list are way worse then AMD let us known.


22.5.1 has no issues 2.5.2 and up has issues yes its a driver issue.


Or then your camera software and drivers are not up to date or compatible with up to date Windows and/or GPU drivers...

Also, is the whole screen black, or video screen?


Like i mentioned before stop ignoring it, 22.5.1 is stable its the recommended driver 22.5.2 however and up is not, you being ignorant the release notes even have known issues related to video playback and alt tabing a video call can also use video decoding and encoding you think a mobile device can handle straight out raw 4k footage via video call no it does not, stop being so defensive towards AMD they have had these issues before and they are having these issues again, it feels like you did not even bother to read the main post and are just giving tech support for bunch of users that clearly are suffering driver issues.


Ok, then why tf you have such complaints to optional (aka beta) drivers. 
They AREN'T recommended explicitly because of changes that happened. 22.5.1 is latest WHQL for a reason!

Noone is exclusively defensive towards AMD. They need to fix currently existing issues in beta drivers. But if you're clearly using not recommended drivers then be ready for bugs, no matter how bad they are. Your whining can be understood only if you are user of some GPU like RX 6700, which was released after latest WHQL came out. ]

Moreover, not just drivers can cause issues. But also software incompatability as well, what @MADZyren tried to say you, and asked for details. And you angrily answered in style of "bla-bla-bla... AMD fault. . . bla-bla-bla... They need to fix everything". Yes they need, but not absolutely everything is their fault.

Imagine situation. I have 2 games and 32 GB of RAM allowing me to run both. I can run each game fine. But as soon as i try to run both of them at same time (and i needed it for some time), i will get BSOD. Whose fault is this? 

Again. Question to you was: "What type of black screen you are getting? Global image loss (GPU disconnection), or just black image being streamed by camera?"


I recommend that people with these annoying bugs should use NVIDIA graphics cards instead of AMD graphics cards.

Because usually you won't get any helpful solutions here.

I went back to NVIDIA and everything worked fine.

yeah or maybe none of you problem is related to gpu or gpu drivers ... and that would explain a lot too ...

what you describe can come from ram settings , psu cables , psu weakness etc , lot of other possibilities to be checked

Adept II

i already gave up, the amd support email service was less than helpful and in the end just told me to create a bug report (which i already did over a week ago).

i literally found NO driver that was working properly, for instance 22.5.1 and 22.Q2 that are both pre-dx11 fix afaik.

at least 5 drivers after 22.5.1 didnt work either. so i ended up RMAing the card because of unuseable drivers.

for reference it was a rx6800.

Adept III

No stable WHQL driver has been released for 160 days.

I have removed my RX 6900 XT graphics card. And bought a brand new ROG Strix RTX 4090 to replace the RX 6900 XT graphics card.

Adept II

AMD should solve all the old problems first before creating new ones. Personally, I have the RX6900XT in my closet at home because it was practically unusable thanks to the drivers. And I can assure you that I have no desire to buy another graphics card from AMD. I don't want to see what kind of disaster will happen when they release new graphics cards.

This makes me want to buy one just to see, if I encounter issues. Have you noticed how reviewers in Youtube don't seem to have them.

Yeah because they dont use them daily and dont doing things like connect two monitors and trying to use them both for multitasking.And you dont know if they have problems.  I personally think most of them using Nvidia for their pcs.

There is definitely a good chance problems appear either too seldomly to be noticed when benchmarking or only when you have less standard configuration.

I think it was Hardware Unboxed who commented hearing people have had issues, but they have not. I have not either, but some say they are mostly with 6000-series. That's why I'd like to get one


I was really excited that I managed to get an RX6900XT for decent money and then a cold shower came. In the 4 months that I had the card, it was one problem after another and with each controller it was different. Black screens, frequency dropping to zero, frames dropping, image tearing, fans running up to max for no reason. The only so-so functional drivers were 22.5.1, but as soon as I changed something in Wattman, the problems returned. I used DDU every time and even reinstalled the system and tried almost every advice on the net but without success.

I can imagine the frustration.

To understand situation, did you try clean reinstall of operating sytem after formatting drives, update everything from BIOS and firmware onwards and if didn't work, returned GPU under warranty for new one and/or asked help from a business you got it from?


I reinstall and formating main drive with system and no i dont see reason to formating other drives if my 3080 now work without problems. My RX6900XT was from second hand but i dont think its hardware problem, i see many people in this community who have same problems even after RMAing their cards.

I remember a youtube video where they had noticed, that going from AMD to Intel did not cause any issues, but from Intel to AMD was troublesome. If you had an Nvidia GPU and changed to AMD, that could cause issues and going back to Nvidia might fix them. Not defending AMD, but just saying that settings in registries and who knows where are affected by what hardware and software was once installed and in some situations can cause issues.

Don't get me wrong. I believe your setup has issues and theres a good chance AMD's drivers are more prone to this. I'm just trying to think how I would try to fix the issue if I had it.

Thing is, all major hardware is sold across the globe and sales are like millions of units. Even if thousands have issues, that is like 1/1000 or 1/100, but in most cases.. stuff works. Have to consider broken hardware, some combination of hardware or software which causes issues ir something. Problems with display are not always caused by GPU or their drivers. Faster GPU can push CPU or memory too far. Gen4 GPU can bring out trouble that didn't occur with Gen 3 GPU. aso.

Disconnect every piece of hardware you don't need. After reinstalling everything from ground up and updating everything, install one game and see what happens. Something that used to crash and cause issues. Could also lower clockspeed of memory, CPU, GPU and VRAM.


Thanks for your comments on this issue.  I have never had problem 1 with AMD cards.  




























































I'm glad someone has commented on the obvious causes of these issues with the drivers.  A computer is a "SYSTEM", all components working together.  There is so much more going on inside that SYSTEM than meets the eye.  

Perhaps we need some "computer programming" classes in binary and hexadecimal.  Maybe they need to start requiring an operators license to use a computer.  After all you have to have a license to drive a car, and it is far less complicated.

Most of the problems I see are a result of self inflicted wounds.























Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

Don't ask!

I have no idea what happened here.  A self inflicted wound for sure. LOL

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

What do you need Wattman for that you can't change in the driver control panel? Or am I misunderstanding something.


Undervolting, locking MHz, rising power limit, custom fan curve etc.

Tbh for that there is separate tool that exists, called MoreClockTool... So you can technically do that without Wattman.

But full drivers also have screen recording built-in. 


It happens because of having regular apps active that any normal user has but a reviewer does not use


Yes indeed.  Some of them are just "nobody's".  I just close them out and don't bother to listen to them.  I hope @uncyler825 has better luck than most concerning what I've been reading about Nvidia 4080 and 4090 cards.  

Both NVIDIA and AMD have kind of shot themselves in the foot with their latest releases.

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

Good day!

More often than not, problems come from the users themselves, and not from AMD. Most of the black screen problems are seen by people who either use cheap Chinese video cables or use a screen resolution and refresh rate that does not match the version of the cable. Use hdmi 2.1 or DP 1.4. I recommend that you carefully look at the specification of the cable version and the compliance with their required resolution and refresh rate.

For cables, I stick with Club 3D and Lindy. They never failed me.

I have had no black screen but that doesn't make all the other problems non-existent.

AMD NEEDS to fix its drivers. It's been almost half a year without a WHQL driver.

PC build: 5800X3D, Asus C6H, 6800XT, NVMe, SSDs and HDDs, Creative SBX AE-5, LG 48-180Hz FS 1440p

Maybe AMD is not the problem. Knowing Microsoft, I wouldn't be at all surprised that they may only require AMD to distribute their drivers through Windows Update. And just with the signature WHQL they twist their arms.

Do you have any rational reason to blame MS?

YES!  They haven't built a stable OS since DOS 6.2 

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

If you agree that AMD doesn't need to maintain drivers then we don't need to report a bug thread here.

Or perhaps taking kickbacks from NVIDIA!

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"