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AMD will likely drop a new driver on the 24th January.

With fluid motion frames being public on the 24th January, I'm certain a new driver will drop on the same day to enable this.

AMD may have been quiet but I'm hoping they've seen the plethora of people complaining about the display driver timeouts enough to actually fix this problem and give us all peace of mind. Sometimes these timeouts don't recover and require a hard shutdown to bring the display driver back.

But I'm very doubtful on this case. They can by all means prove me wrong.

You're just making it easier for people to not want to support you though, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here AMD, the ball is entirely in your court.

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Journeyman III

 Yes, agree. This happen more frequently and I am tired of changing my card (7900XTX) to my old one (3070) to have a stable working station. Waiting 2 or more week for a critical update on their GPU driver its not good for people using their PC on work related. I just getting doubt to buying another AMD GPU on the future.


I think it mainly plagues the 7XXX series too.

Which unfortunately the Rog Ally falls into so I have no choice but to Hooe and pray they fix it.

Adept I

no problems here with newest preview driver. Are you using 23 12 1 ?


I've tried the preview driver, I've tried the December one.

Nothing works with Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX. It is plagued with display driver timeouts.

If you have any solutions feel free to mention them.



This is the January one which is 99% the one to be released on the 24th.


Then it won't fix squat to do with display drivers and the waiting continues once more.

It will never be fixed. Its been plaguing users for years, but the Rog Ally is stuck with these AMD drivers I think so I have to just accept the L.