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Adept I

AMD VCE not Enabled on AMD Van Gogh + Sephiroth Windows Drivers(Please fix it)

Hello AMD Community,

There 5 official AMD drivers for the Aerith 0405 APU  and 1 for Sephiroth APU that have NOT DXVA Hardware Acceleration enabled for Windows.

I am writing to kindly request support for AMD VCE (Video Coding Engine) on the Steam Deck's APU for hardware video encoding. This feature would greatly enhance the device's capabilities, making it an even more versatile and attractive platform for content creators, streamers, and gamers alike.

AMD VCE provides efficient and high-quality hardware-accelerated video encoding. Enabling VCE on the Steam Deck would not only unlock new possibilities for creators but also enhance the overall user experience by offloading video encoding tasks from the CPU to the dedicated hardware, leading to better performance and efficiency.

I understand that development decisions involve various considerations, and I appreciate the efforts of the AMD team. However, I believe that by enabling AMD VCE on the Steam Deck, AMD can contribute to the success of this remarkable gaming handheld and further establish its commitment to providing users with top-notch features and functionalities.

I encourage the AMD community to voice their support for this feature, as it would undoubtedly enhance the Steam Deck's appeal and solidify AMD's position as a leader in the gaming hardware industry.

Best regards,

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Journeyman III


That a big problem I think

Adept I

yes a big problem. I cannot understand why they give us drivers without DXVA?