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Journeyman III

AMD software has detected a driver response timeout.


AMD software has detected a driver response timeout.


Video card RX580 updated drivers and rolled back to old drivers
added TdrDlay and TdrLevl values to the registry
I also lowered the cleanliness on the video card and flashed the BIOS. Stress tests from AMD and Formark pass perfectly with a temperature of 85 degrees. There are no driver errors, no artifacts either, when the game starts, the loading window loads and crashes with an error.
I'll attach screenshots of the errors.
I wrote to the word of tanks game support and provided all the data they requested.
their answer!
Thank you for providing the report.
The event logs of the operating system installed on your computer contain numerous errors of the following type:
Display 4101 (0) The amdwddmg video driver stopped responding and was successfully restored.
This error usually occurs due to incorrect operation of the software for the video card or due to incorrect operation of the video adapter itself.
In this situation, we can only recommend that you contact directly the support of the video card manufacturer to find solutions to the problem with the driver crashing.
I assume that the video card and BIOS are not original to me, but I can’t find the original one.
and for some reason the drivers fall off.
Provide me with the BIOS and driver that is the most stable.

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I am getting the same error in versions 24.1.1 and 24.2.1. Version 23.11.1 worked for me, but I guess it didn't work for some users. Switch to the version of the driver on which the game or program you are playing runs stable, 22.1.2 etc.

Adept II

I've had this ever since I've gotten my 6900xt. I believe I finally fixed it. Go to windows exploit protection and add the game exe as an exception under "control flow guard"


Он просто проходит тесты формарка, но я выяснил один факт. в программе OSST и выбрав тест памяти видеокарты, он сразу зависает и выдает артефакты. Вам нужно нативное программное обеспечение BIOS, программное обеспечение tserer, и узнать, какая память отпала, и программно отключить каналы памяти. Думаю, в этом и проблема, так как все манипуляции делаются выше.


It just passes the formark tests, but I figured out one fact. in the OSST program and selecting the video card memory test, it immediately freezes and produces artifacts. You need native BIOS software, tserer software, and find out which memory has fallen off, and programmatically disable memory channels. I think this is the problem, since all the manipulations are done above.