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AMD Software compatbility issue after Windows 11 update

Ok so I installed the new version of windows 11 (in-place upgrade) 21H2 to 23H2 

I had no problem running the old radeon software although i don't remember what version it was, as soon as i updated i ran Radeon software to find out its not compatible with the current amd driver so i went to the amd website and from auto detect tool installed new drivers and software adrenaline 23.12.1 after downloading it

The Radeon software seem to be running fine but my screen was freezing and crashing suddenly often time which led me to doing windows update 

It fixed the problem but i am now back to square one with radeon software not being compatible with my amd driver 

Furthermore i noticed by going through the device manager/adapter was named AMD Vega 3 graphics when i downloaded installed driver and software from AMD but after windows update its AMD (TM) graphics now 

Now i have two queries.

1. Does my system has vega 3 graphics ? or what's the name i don't really get it ?

2. How to revert back to my old software which factory default i got with this system?


DirectX Diagnostic Tool 30_12_2023 1_42_12 am.pngDirectX Diagnostic Tool 30_12_2023 1_42_25 am.pngSystem Information 30_12_2023 1_43_08 am.png


AMD Software_ Adrenalin Edition Warning 30_12_2023 1_45_16 am.png

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