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AMD Software: Boot Camp Unified Driver R6.2 for Windows® 10 ( - FSR (1/2/3) supported?

Hello community. I have a simple question and hope you can answer it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find an answer through AMD sources.

Does the AMD Software: Boot Camp Unified Driver R6.2 for Windows® 10 ( - Release Date: October 3rd, 2023) support the FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) feature? If so, which version is supported? FSR1, 2 or 3?

I would be happy if I got an answer.

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I don't believe AMD Support will help you with Bootcamp driver questions but maybe if you contact the author of this Bootcamp Driver download site he might be able to help you:

The Developer takes the latest AMD drivers and modifies them to install in a Bootcamp environment for various AMD GPU Cards that works in MAC PCs.

But if you are using it in a Windows environment with your Mac PC I would believe it should work depending on which Make & Model of your GPU card.

NOTE: Here is the Release Notes for the AMD Unified BootCamp driver:

Thanks for your answer. In my opinion, the driver I posted, is an official AMD driver. Accordingly, I hope that the AMD support can answer my question.

I have already tried the drivers of the site you posted. However, I noticed that the fan curve is louder. I would prefer "original" and verified drivers for the iMac Pro Vega 64.

Generally when a Mac PC User opens a AMD SUPPORT Ticket concerning Windows Bootcamp drivers they are referred to Apple Support and vice versa.

But maybe AMD SUPPORT will help you, at least, verify if its Unified Bootcamp driver supports those features that you mentioned.

Good luck and post back, if possible, what AMD SUPPORT replies concerning those features in Bootcamp.

Thanks for your good wishes.

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