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AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.1.1 Release Notes

This discussion is for community members to share their experience using AMD Software Adrenalin Edition 24.1.1.

For the full driver release notes and download link refer to: AMD Software Adrenalin Edition 24.1.1 driver release notes.

New Feature Highlights

New Game Support

  • Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
  • TEKKEN™ 8

New Product Support

  • AMD Radeon™ RX 7600 XT

AMD Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF) - Boost FPS up to 97% for a smoother gaming experience by adding frame generation technology to any DirectX® 11 and 12 game. RS-630

  • AFMF improves performance by adding frame generation technology to AMD Radeon™ 700M, RX 6000, and RX 7000 series GPUs for notebook and desktop platforms.
    • Up to 97% average increase in performance across select titles at 1080p resolution when AMD Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF) is ON and upscaled with FidelityFX™ Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2) at Quality Mode, using AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.1.1 on the Radeon™ RX 7600XT GPU, versus when AFMF and FSR 2 upscaling are OFF. RS-630
    • Up to 103% average increase in performance across select titles at 1440p resolution when AMD Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF) is ON and upscaled with FidelityFX™ Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2) at Quality Mode, using AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.1.1 on the Radeon™ RX 7600XT GPU, versus when AFMF and FSR 2 upscaling are OFF. RS-631
    • AFMF preserves image quality by dynamically disabling frame generation during fast visual motion.

AMD Video Upscaling – Advanced video upscale algorithm to improve video playback image quality for AMD Radeon™ RX 7000 desktop series GPUs.

  • AMD Video Upscaling can be enabled within the Graphics tab to enjoy improved sharpness and clarity, for DirectX 11 applications such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Media Player, with resolution support up to 4K.
  • For more instructions on how to enable upscaling, please ensure that your version of AMD Software is up to date, and learn more HERE!

Additional Video Improvements

  • Content Adaptive Machine Learning (CAML) text detection has been updated to support up to 4K gaming for even greater clarity.
  • Various encoding support within AMD Software including AVC, HEVC and AV1 codecs have undergone additional optimizations to improve video encode quality.
  • AMD continues to work with partners to implement video enhancements into 3rd party apps; more updates to follow in upcoming drivers.

AMD Smart Technology Tab – Access the suite of great A+A features from one convenient location to maximize the power of your AMD-powered system.

  • AMD Assistant – Automatically enable or disable AMD Software features based on various situations for improved performance or battery life.
  • Additional OS Feature Support
    • Support for Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling has been expanded to Radeon™ RX 7600 series GPUs on Windows 11 version 22H2 and newer. Click HERE for more information.

What to Know

AMD Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF)

  • AFMF can be enabled for any DirectX® 11 and 12 title using HYPR-RX.
  • AFMF may introduce additional latency to games and may not offer the optimal experience for fast-paced competitive titles. AFMF is recommended to be combined with AMD Radeon™ Anti-Lag to reduce in-game latency while maintaining a minimum in-game fps of 60.
  • Due to the potential latency impact of AFMF, it must be manually enabled in the per-game settings for certain fast-paced competitive titles, even if AFMF was already enabled globally. Gamers are free to enable AFMF in these titles based on their preference and gameplay style, however, they may not experience optimal performance – specifically at lower frame rates.
  • AFMF may be enabled or disabled on the fly using the default hotkey of Alt-Shift-G.
  • AFMF currently requires the game to be played in fullscreen mode with VSYNC disabled.
    • For better compatibility with borderless-fullscreen titles, Windows 11 users can enable "Optimizations for windowed games".
    • For a better visual experience, AFMF is recommended to be used with variable refresh rate enabled.
  • Users can check AFMF’s frame generation status using AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition™’s in-game overlay.
  • AFMF adds frame generation technology to boost FPS outside the game’s engine. Users can use AMD Software Performance Metrics Overlay to see the resulting FPS.
    • Support for third-party performance monitoring tools is not available at this moment.
  • For systems setup using Hybrid Graphics (such as laptops featuring an integrated and discrete GPU), AFMF must be supported on the displaying GPU to be activated.
  • Stay tuned for future enhancements and innovations coming to HYPR-RX with AFMF, focusing on elevating image quality, smoothness, and latency. Enjoy gaming with HYPR-RX.

AMD Video Upscaling

  • AMD Video Upscaling can be enabled for most DirectX 11 applications to improve image quality. However, certain applications such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge may require an additional step to activate AMD Video Upscaling.
  • For Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, 'Media Foundation for Clear' must be enabled. This setting can be configured in the browser settings accessed through chrome://flags/ or edge://flags/.
  • Users have the flexibility to adjust the level of sharpness added by AMD Video Upscaling using the slider located within the Graphics tab.

AMD Technical Preview Driver

  • Users had the opportunity to get an early look of AFMF through the AMD Technical Preview Drivers and provide their feedback to build and refine the feature. The feedback received through our online communities and AMD Bug Report Tool helped create a more stable experience for AFMF in AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.1.1.
  • Users looking for updates of future AMD Technical Preview Drivers can subscribe to our newsletter HERE.

Fixed Issues

  • Performance drop may be observed in some DirectML workloads.
  • Intermittent grey screen after driver upgrade with certain monitors (such as Nixeus NX-EDG274K) on Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs.
  • Graphics API metric may show as N/A in certain UWP applications.
  • Heavy stuttering may be experienced while playing Warframe and loading into a new area or starting a mission.
  • Black artifacts may be observed in smoke effects while playing Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III.
  • Black texture flickering may be observed while playing Starfield on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 5600 XT.
  • Intermittent install failure may be observed when using the factory reset setting.

Known Issues

  • Deathloop may experience extended loading times on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 6900 XT. [Resolution targeted for 24.2.1]
  • Dead Space may experience an application crash after enabling RTAO on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 6800.
  • Excessive stuttering may be experienced when first playing a match in Overwatch 2. [Resolution targeted for 24.2.1]
  • Audio may intermittently become out of sync with the video when recording from AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition using AV1 codec. [Resolution targeted for Q2]
  • Oculus Rift S may display with a green tint on AMD Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs.
  • After a system reboot, Parsec host application may experience a crash on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 7900 XTX. [Resolution targeted for 24.2.1]
  • During Microsoft Teams meetings, the camera may intermittently display looped footage on some AMD Products, such as the AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U Processor.


If you would like to report an issue with AMD Software Adrenalin Edition 24.1.1, please use the AMD Bug Report Tool. If you require technical assistance with your AMD product, please contact AMD Customer Care.

IMPORTANT! When submitting a bug report against this driver, please make sure to include the following tag into the bug report description field using this format:

FORUM-DriverVersion-Username. For example, if your username was GAMER56 and the driver version was 24.1.1, use the tag FORUM-24-1-1-GAMER56

88 Replies
Journeyman III

I was wondering why AFMF is not available on Radeon 600M series of mobile graphics cards.

It's really a shame that they don't support the same RDNA2 as RX6000 series graphics cards.

Is there any possibility of applying in the future?

Adept I

Anyone know if this has fixed the UI Issue with Armored Core VI for VEGA, specifically Radeon VII?


You have let me down.

Driver Timeouts STILL occur in KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX.

AMD23WUG - Display driver has encountered an error and recovered.

No doubt in my mind that you haven't fixed the timeouts in World of Warcraft either...

Did you send in reports via the Bug Report Tool?


No but the sheer amount of people posting about it you'd think they mightve noticed. Regardless I'll just keep rolling back the drivers until the crashing goes away (if it even does).


Please do it. More tickets, more reports do help them to put them up in the list and also gives more data. I worked in that branch, not at AMD though, but you can't imagine how many setups are out there......and troubleshooting is hard without data.....

Its weird that you don't get the option to report a bug with the display timeout crash, wonder if it's ROG Ally isolated.

But regardless its not the end of the world.

I can enjoy so much on this thing it doesn't really matter to me anymore. If they eventually fix it it's great that they do so.


You're the person trying to use AMD stock drivers on ASUS's OEM handheld the ROG Ally, right? You should really be asking ASUS about this since AMD doesn't officially support the ROG Ally.


Its funny that, I've already tried that, and they told me to contact AMD or Square Enix.

Square just said "Sorry" and moved on.

I just give up on it, it's the only game I cant enjoy so it's not the end of the world.


wow getting same thing in SKyrim now !


thx for posting !


I reported this issue over a year. Wow and other games timeout alot on dx12. I gave up on a fix. Sold my red devil 7900xtx. Imagine timeout 4 times * 20 secs in a 30 key. Its over. I lost my push team because of the timeout. 

I tried everything i Can find on the internet. Everytime a new driver amd clean, ddu. Install still the same. And the reply here. That amd “dosnt” know about this. Makes me frem very good about my decision to sell it.

Adept III

The processor temperature is not detected. always 0. When the adrenaline software is open, when changing the desktop wallpaper, the adrenaline window deteriorates, turning white

Снимок экрана (38).png

Same story here on a 6800xt with a R7 5800x. Somehow turning off smart access memory and turning it on again have fix it for me

Adept I

Why is the 680m not compatible with AMD Fluid Motion Frames when the 680m is less than a year and a half old ?

This clearly doesn't make me want to invest in AMD anymore ! 

Adept I

Fixed the issue I had in the 23.12 where the driver/system would crash when changing some of the tuning settings.


RX 5600 XT will AMD Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF) be supported in future drivers ?? 

Adept I

You've done a Fabulous job with this latest update. You scored another goal to Nvidia, but I wish we could activate Vsync when we activate AMD Fluid Motion Frames. Thus, our graphics card would not consume much energy and would not be stressed. Please take this into consideration as well. Thank you.

Vsync would be a big win for AFMF. Second that strongly!

Adept II

AFMF would be great if there would be more tolerance for movement, it disables very often. Let us at least set the threshold through slider. I dont mind some minor glitching if game will be smooth.

This would be great!

Adept I

AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.1.1 Release my Profile ist always back to default after reboot or start, it nervs so mutch!

Adept II

I am on a ASRock RX 6750XT and I installed this driver and did a clean install of it and I got big time stutter in BF2042, So I went back to the test version of AFMF which runs smoother than this new driver.

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X - MSI MPG B550 Gaming Plus - ASRock RX 6750XT -12GB. -- G.Skill Ripejaw V (32GB.) (DDR4-3200) - WD Black SN850X NVMe - Samsung 980 Pro NVMe - SanDisk SSD Plus - CORSAIR CX750M 750W - Cooler Master Hyper Halo 212 Cooler- Rosewill Prism S500 Gaming Case - Windows 10 Pro x64 - MSI Optix MAG342CQR - Samsung 27" - Apex 3 Gaming Keyboard - Rival 3 Gaming Mouse - Sound Blaster Z SE

Same here on my 7800XT. Going to submit a big report when I'm back on my desktop.

Same here 6800xt and 5800x. Haven't found any fix...  Keeps me wondering if they ever test the drivers fully before release 

Adept I

Major stuttering with 24.1.1 in BF 2042 - even ddu, reset shader cache and deleted game cache same issue with or without Fluid motion.

Reverted to and game is fine 23.12.1 and its fine


Yup I am also having issues with battlefield.

Journeyman III

This driver update broke the FPS counter and AFMF also no longer works.

They were fine in the preview.

What went wrong here?

Maybe try a cleanup and new installation. No problem here with 24.1.1

Adept I

Loosing my Shiznitz with this driver!!


Tried in in the AMD Adrenalin Preview and it did not work, but it was a preview so no big deal.


It came out as a whql release and I installed it, That’s when I started to loose the plot! preview gave me next to no problems, I mostly play Elder Scrolls Online, like a Lot, so really it’s the only one that has to work right.


New Driver went in, and Stutters, Massive input lag, Crashes, just horrible,  But I persevered, changed game settings, Adrenalin settings, turned things on and off, Nothing made a difference.


So I then tried using the AMD Cleanup Util. That made things even worse, it took out the Ryzen Master and everything else… But Hey Ho, Clean system, better option.


I rebooted and then used a bunch of cleaning tools, and made sure everything was up to date.


Went back to Elder scroll and reset the game the way that it had been. 4K Ultra Everything, FSR Off and installed the Standard Windows 11 AMD Driver Video, the in game FPS meter said 100 FPS that’s Fine By Me.

Installed this driver and same thing happened all over again, Just messed everything up, the in game FPS Meter said 7FPS!!! Tried dropping it down to 1440 in game and using Performance FSR with the Hyper etc, it did improve to 18 FPS, really not good enough for me to be happy…

So I pulled it all out again, back to Windows Standard, and old game settings and yay, back up to 100FPS no stutters smooth as silk. Then went in the old Preview Driver, nothing else changed and it came back with 97FPS , Still OK for 4k…


Reinstalled Ryzen Master and it keeps telling me that the software NEEDS Reinstalled and it’s Not working!! I cannot now reinstall it and get it working, Install Yes – Work NO.


I want to run ALL of the system Undervolted, just to save Electricity!  And up until this driver it was doing ti very well compared to my wife’s computer, about 30% of the electricity draw and more performance (until I upgraded Her CPU from the 3600XT to a 5800X3D then were back to baouot the same)


Being 80% Blind and disabled thanks to an oops accident at work, I spend 90% of my dassy in front of the computer. Details Matter to me, not because I can see the Lovley flowing grass and smoke and all the other nice bits… I can more distinguish what the Blob on the screen is meant to be.


So If a Blind guy can see problems - They are BIG Problems!!


Just to make sure it’s not as Hardware incompatibility. Issue, and as I suspect a Driver / Application Fault.


MSI X670e Carbon Wifi

AMD Ryzen 9 7900 or if needed Ryzen 9 7950X (was way too power hungry)

64Gb Corsair DDR5 6000 Vengeance Ram (4 Sticks because it looks better)

Asus RX 7900 XTX TUF Gaming  OC

Kingston Renegade 2TB m.2 Drive (plus others, but boot here only)

 And since I am a little Crazy And Bored , Everything was Stripped back and EKWB Velocity 2 Water Blocks put on and the whole thing liquid cooled,  Fans are Corsair QX 120’s , 7 of them


Definition of Crazy – Take Brand New 7900 XTX Graphics card, that you cannot See , and take it apart to fit a Water Block (that you also cannot See)   -Would You take that chance? Ergo CRAZY!!!!!


Loads of Crash reports put in, both Preview and WHQL, but a Huge Disappointment for me….


Other things tested that Worked , but did not LOOK Right,  Fallout 76, Starfield, Baulder’s Gate 3 , CyberPunk, as well as windows 11 itself.


I am leaning towards this new driver as the Blame, because of the fact the old |Drivers, the older Preview Drivers and the Standard Windows Drivers, all do a much better Job.


And as a PS… how without having to reinstall Windows can I get the Ryzen master working again, I want my reduced electricity bill back!!




Didn't read all of that but the gist I got from you post is that the shader cache might be rebuilding and that can cause a lot of stutter and things of that nature.  That might be the issue and if it is it will straighten out after you've played almost every map in every game on your computer. 


LOL I did say I used a load of cleaning tools, a couple of which I kind of wrote, one of the jobs is to clean out every cache. for the windows system and all applications and games. for ESO the shader cache was the first thing that i went for and deleted. unfortunately no effect.. Shame really, I have just came back to AMD after decades away with Nvidia. and in all honesty had EVGA not left them, and they had actually sold at reasonable prices, I would still be with them out of habit more than anything else!   

But Now as a Treacherous Turncoat, I have made a significant investment in AMD, and am going to see it through to the end, one way or another. even if I have to rewrite the drivers myself lmao 

Journeyman III

Hello All...For some reason after I was able to enable Fluid Motion Frames on a couple of games, which by the way I think they work better than before...I cannot get the Performance overlay to show the FPS and other related info, delay etc. Only power and usage from CPU and GPU.


If anybody know about this, I would appreciate any input. 



Same here. Can´t get readings with afmf on, seems that frame limiting is not working at all. Stuttering in Hellblade etc etc..

Can´t get the video upscale to toggle on.

Seems like a quite disaster driver.


I got it to work now....this is what I did, when the driver 1st came out, I downloaded the Autodetect small file from the download page. And there is when all went to a mess, chipset drivers, etc...Tonight I just downloaded the WHQL version the one that is 700MB or so and installed the drivers as usual. All is working good now, the FPS counter and the frames just skyrocketed on Hogwarts Legacy from 110FPS to 488FPS averageScreenshot 2024-01-31 053653.png!!!!

Adept I

I don't see the Hyper-RX tab. I can see the Performance, Quality, Hyper-RX Eco, and Default options, but I am not able to see the HYPER-RX option. I have a 6800M card and based on everything I have read this card should be supported. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.



I have the same issue. However my setup is that I use a RX 6600 in a eGPU enclosure. The RX6600 is detected and working just fine, however the adrenaline software does not show the AFMF options nor HYPER-RX as you said.

Adept I

My Experience so far;

I have a game with issues now: Skyrim stock NOLVUS installation, AMD 7900 XTX , AMD 7700 CPU, 32 Gig RAM, 24 GB VRAM and I'm getting Driver timeout issues that lock up my game; I get no CRASH Reporting in Nolvus MS- Framework, its not a game crash its a self reported driver timeout error; everything looks good, fps, no huge memory spikes, everything is fine until the game freezes in the outdoors (only).. 

Update: I am still freezing on amd driver timeout issues, and after Windows Pagefile has been increased.. .


Journeyman III

24.1.1 messes up the quality of my gaming streams. When I'm watching the video of my live streamed game I can see textures intermittently flickering and blurring on and off. It's harder to spot in high-quality streams, but easier on lower resolution streams. I tested this several times by rolling back to 23.12.1, then back to 24.1.1 and again back to 23.12.1 and I can confirm that the new drivers are causing the issue. Even when streaming with x264 (with CPU) I can see the textures glitching. None of this happens with 23.12.1, so I'll stay with those until this is fixed. 

Adept I

I really cannot fathom why the stuttering issues still persist and have even got worse with this driver. Even games that never had frame pacing issues now experience constant pauses and frametime spikes into the 200ms range. What's causing the render pipeline to freeze up like that? I have a 6900xt and 5800X with a 1000w bequiet psu. 

I will offer some interesting observations. Disabling DXnavi and editing the shadercache mode in the registry from "AMD optimized" to just "on" helped the stutter drastically. This was confirmed through msi afterburners frametime graph with a fresh run after clearing out the shader cache before each benchmark. The "AMD optimized" shadercache setting has something seriously wrong with it. This is also the same fix that 100% fixed the stutter in Warframe way before this driver came out.