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Adept II

AMD Ryzen™ 7 - 7840u Adrenaline Drivers

Hi There,

Many handheld manufacturers (Ayaneo, OneXplayer, AOKZOE, and GPD) are launching their latest gaming handheld devices this month which leverage the AMD 7840u APU + Radeon 780m, but I can't seem to find any Adrenaline drivers supporting this new APU.

Where can we find Adrenaline drivers for the AMD Ryzen 7840u APU ?

Appreciate your kind help and assistance please.


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Adept II

Bumping up please... Anyone have any idea where to find the drivers for those newly released Phoenix APUs, specifically the AMD Ryzen 7 - 7840u ?

May be the day prior or on product availability date?

Could also be only available from product makers on initial release, mid next week i believe.

Asus handheld model has driver direct from them.

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Can you let us know when the release date is? It seems most tech sites have it released May 2023. And as you can see in this thread, lots of people already have the 7840U.

Adept II

Aya and AOKZOE have started shipping out their devices with weird under-performing drivers which are not optimized for the AMD Ryzen 7 - 7840u. It does not make any sense for the previous gen APU, the AMD 6800u, to match / exceed the performance of their latest gen APU, the Ryzen 7 - 7840u. Adrenaline cannot be installed as it can't identify the new APU chipset (Ryzen 7840u, Radeon 780m).


I'm hoping someone from AMD can help with this please. Where can we find optimized drivers for the Ryzen 7 - 7840u APU / Radeon 780m iGPU ?

I am having the same issue. Where are the drivers? so bizzare. I have an Ayaneo 2S and the preview driver from april 28th is terrible. We need an update AMD. 

Going to CPU World I see that AMD has a HandHeld APU Processor using a 700M Series GPU:

 It is called the "Z1 EXTREME"  This APU Processor was found under the same category as "Phoenix Processor under Ryzen 4780U APU Processors:

Seems to have the almost identical specs to the Ryzen 4760U APU Processor.

This seems to be a strictly OEM Processor thus AMD has no drivers for it. Only the OEM manufacturers will supply drivers for this Handheld AMD APU Processor by the looks of it.

NOTE: Not sure if this is the same APU Processor that you said the Handheld manufacturers are using since you mentioned specifically the AMD Ryzen 7840U APU Processor.

Unless the Handheld Manufacturers are misnaming the Z1 Extreme as a Ryzen 7840U processor.

No, the Z1 Extreme is a custom variant of the AMD Ryzen 7 - 7840u designed exclusively for ASUS to power their Rog Ally gaming handheld. The Z1 Extreme is almost identical to the 7840u but has its XDNA AI cores disabled and a slightly optimized power curve allowing better performance at lower TDPs.

Aside from that, both the Z1 Extreme and the AMD 7840u are identical in their Zen4 architecture and their Radeon 780m RDNA3 iGPU.

ASUS released their own custom drivers a while ago but these only work on the Z1 Extreme APU, again because its their own APU. It makes sense that they develop their own drivers.

It's very disappointing to see AMD not supporting its own hardware. AOKZOE and Ayaneo already released their AMD 7840u-based gaming handhelds utilizing beta drivers which do not have Adrenaline support.

If anyone knows where I can find the official Adrenaline drivers for the AMD 7840u, please let me know.




Same issue. I have the AOKZOE A1 Pro which has the 7840U with 780M graphics. Not the Z1. I need the official Adrenaline drivers for the AMD 7840u. Anyone at AMD listening?

at another same type of thread ( where the User is complaining about having no AMD Drivers for his 7840HS with 780M Processor he uploading the following reply from AMD Support:

Screenshot 2023-06-26 102426.png

Adept I

this is just ridiculous. How do they release a product without driver support?

Journeyman III

Found it! Go here and Download AOKZOE A1 Pro drive. It is the version of Adrenaline that works for the 7840U!


That is a patched version of Adrenalin that works with the April 28 Preview drivers. So while you may have Adrenalin, you will notice things like RSR don't work. Also the driver itself is still outdated. We need this to be updated by AMD

This is based on beta drivers shared with handheld manufacturers to test and troubleshoot the AMD Ryzen 7 - 7840u. It's not the final release.

In other words, they do not offer a complete set of features, ie: RSR.

Adept I

Can someone please take the driver request seriously at AMD? Not one of the Phoenix APUs have official drivers. It's ridiculous. As a company how do you justify releasing a product to the market without official driver support? Can someone from AMD give us a timeline as to when we can expect the drivers for the 7840U????

Journeyman III

Do you have an estimated timeline for the offical drivers support? I still cannot receive the driver for my 7840u handheld PC..

Journeyman III

Yes, I had the same problem. It's incomprehensible that the chips are already on sale and the official drivers are not. I hope AMD will take this very seriously and solve the problem as soon as possible

Adept II

Can anyone from AMD please provide us with an update as to when the official Adrenaline (Chipset, APU, and iGPU) drivers will be released for the AMD Ryzen 7 - 7840u ?

Can you let me know which AMD Ryzen 7800U device you have that requires the AMD Adrenalin drivers?

I'll post back here to let you know when I have any updates to share.

many that are asking for drivers in here either own an Aokzoe A1 Pro, an Aya Neo 2S or an Aya Neo Geek 1S. All have 7840U APUs in them. When can we get some officially supported drivers?

I have an AYANEO 2S and need official drivers. The 780m is not recognized by adrenaline 

it s very annoying. No one from Amd give us a clear answer. We want an official driver and not a beta driver for rysen 7840  U. Please. Don’t tell us other thing. Just tell us when it will be release. It s impossible you don’t know this issue. Your 7840 U don’t have yet any official driver. Could you please inform your tech team. Thanks a lot and sorry but we are really disapointed. 

Hi @Matt_AMD ,

Thank you for looking into this. As of now, AMD does not offer final drivers nor proper Adrenaline support for the AMD Ryzen 7 - 7840u. If you go to the drivers download page, the Ryzen 7 - 7840u is nowhere to be found, yet you can find the previous generation Ryzen 7 - 6800u drivers easily.

Several laptop, gaming handheld, and mini pc box manufacturers have already begun releasing their AMD Phoenix (7000 series) based devices for sale since early June of 2023 marketing them as mobile gaming powerhouses but are drastically limited in their performance because of the beta drivers manufacturers are forced to use which are incomplete and are not optimized for anything.

Anyone now with a device sporting an AMD Ryzen 7 - 7840u (laptop, gaming handheld, mini box PC) is relying on beta drivers released on April 28th, 2023 exclusively for manufacturers to test and trouble shoot the APU before releasing their devices for sale. These drivers are not complete and are missing core functionality such as RSR and full Adrenaline support. In fact, Windows 11 sees those drivers as incomplete and in some cases, automatically downloads an older set of drivers in an attempt to fix them which overwrites some parts with older drivers while keeping the Adrenaline Control Panel as is. This breaks Adrenaline completely.

Because we're forced to use these beta drivers for the AMD 7840u APU which were released for troubleshooting purposes and lack any form of optimization, we're extremely disappointed to see that the performance of the AMD 6800u Zen3 / Radeon 680m RDNA 2 iGPU (previous generation of Ryzen 7 APU) in many instances outperforms the newer AMD Ryzen 7 - 7840u Zen4 / Radeon 780m RDNA 3 iGPU) mainly because the AMD 6800u APU has properly optimized drivers and Adrenaline support from AMD.

Many of us chose AMD powered mobile PC devices mainly for AMD's excellent reputation in the APU market. This time unfortunately, we're all regretting making that decision of buying AMD's latest generation of APUs as it seems there is no interest from AMD to support it's own hardware, especially the AMD Ryzen 7 - 7840u.

We kindly ask that AMD urgently looks into this matter and releases updated (official / final) drivers for the AMD Ryzen 7 - 7840u that offer full functionality on Windows 10 / 11 with maximum compatibility to run recent software / games.

Can you please provide an update as to whether the 7840U and all other Phoenix based APUs will be included in the upcoming July drivers? This is getting to the point of negligence on AMD's part.

it s very annoying. No one from Amd give us a clear answer. We want a official driver and not a beta driver for rysen 7840  U. Please. Don’t tell us other thing. Just tell us when it will be release

Adept I

still waiting for a driver for 7840hs

Adept II

The AMD Ryzen 7 - 7840u is not an OEM specific APU. It is a general Phoenix-based APU that many OEMs include in their mobile PCs. Unlike the Z1 and Z1 Extreme, the AMD Ryzen 7 - 7840u is manufactured and sold by AMD with zero customization for any OEM whatsoever.

Just as they have supported their previous generation, the Ryzen 7 - 6800u, AMD should support their latest generation of APUs, especially the Ryzen 7 - 7840u. Leaving it up to community to patch up some experimental / beta drivers to get the APU running at subpar performance does not reflect well for AMD nor its Phoenix-based product line.

We kindly ask again that AMD supports their hardware and releases an optimized driver set for the Ryzen 7 - 7840u.

Adept II

New Reply: 

Your service request: 00366822 has been reviewed and updated.


Response and Service Request History:


Thank you for your email.

I understand you are looking to install the AMD graphics driver.

Make sure that the Windows OS is updated.

I request you to clean the existing drivers using AMD Cleanup Utility(, and then install the latest driver from the link below.

AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 23.5.2 Release Notes | AMD(

If the issue persists, to investigate your issue, please provide a dxdiag (in .txt) & msinfo32 (in .NFO) reports from your system which will capture the entire system configuration and drivers installed.

Thanks for contacting AMD.



In order to update this service request, please respond without deleting or modifying the service request reference number in the email subject or in the email correspondence below.

Please Note: This service request will automatically close if we do not receive a response within 10 days and cannot be reopened.

If it is not feasible to respond within 10 days, feel free to open a new service request and reference this ticket for continued support.


Best regards,


AMD Global Customer Care

Everyone can have a try and see if it works. 

Thank you so much for your response. We will test and report back. Thanks again.

This won’t work. It’s just cleaning the hardware of any drivers and offering the same current drivers that aren’t compatible 


Hi Pratap,

We tested the drivers you linked in your response (AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 23.5.2 Release) and they are not designed for the Phoenix-based APUs.

When running the setup, we get the following error:


These drivers are clearly not designed for the Ryzen 7 - 7840u (Zen4), Radeon 780m (RDNA3) architectures.

That is why we have been asking AMD for a properly optimized Adrenaline driver for the Phoenix-based APU line, especially the Ryzen 7 - 7840u.

It’s so frustrating that no one seems to even recognize this is an issue. 

Adept I

I don't know if I'm the only one who discovered this problem.

AMD Customized Chip "Z1 EXTREME" for ROGALLY.

Delay the release of the 7840U driver. In order to show that "Z1 EXTREME" has more advantages in performance compared to 7840U.

This clearly makes it unacceptable for people to accept such harsh means. The variant chip "Z1 EXTREME" on the 7840U has received support from AMD's driver.

Just to enhance the advantages of 'Z1 EXTREME'. This is very disgusting

Adept I

it s very annoying. No one from Amd give us a clear answer. We want a official driver and not a beta driver for rysen 7840  U. Please. Don’t tell us other thing. Just tell us when it will be release. 

Journeyman III

Well, I got AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition running on the Ayaneo 2S with 7480u.

Well, kinda.  It is, which was released on 4/28/2023.  There is a lot of Engrish in the instructions on the website, so I am downloading my findings. contains AYANEOV1.6.bin firmware dated 6/12/2023.  Supposedly the AyaSpace Update function will update to version 1.6 for you, but here it is if you need/want to do it manually.  Place the extracted .bin file on your desktop and shut down.  

Hold the left stick in and then hold the power button down.  When you hear the fans start, release the power button but keep the stick pressed until it automatically logs you in to windows and tries to upgrade.  If it is not newer than the bios you already have you will get an 'upgrade unsuccessful' message and asks you to reset the handle. Pressing the button causes it to shut down and repeat the firmware check, but after a restart or two it will give up and run normally.

AYANEO_2S.7z contains a lot of individual drivers with modifications dated 5/30/2023. is the one you want.  It contains updated software packages with file creation date of 6/11/2023.  This includes the Adrenaline program I mentioned above, although there are actually two different compressed files with two different sets of software.
Extract and run the executable in first.  This one contains the 'AMD Chipset Software' update.  When it checks your hardware for driver compatibility it will actually work.  This includes the AMD I2C driver, GPIO Driver, PSP Driver, PPM Provisioning File Driver and Interface Driver updates.    
Next, extract and run the executable in 11B_230428a-932651C-Nantong_Hauda.2.7z  This will get Adrenaline successfully installed.
So after all of this pain and suffering, you get an old version of Adrenaline and some more drivers that kinda work.


To enter the bios:

Press RC (the dot button next to the right bumper), Volume - button and then hit power.  Release all when the fan starts.  This will take you into the bios.  In the bios, controls get weird.  The left and right dot buttons next to the bumpers move you left and right.  Aya key moves selection down, and the Custom button next to it moves the selection up.  The volume + key is to confirm your selection.

I have not tried the AMD bios unlock yet.  Use at your own risk.

Yeah, this is the April preview driver which includes support for the 780m that every 7840U unit is using right now, not just in handhelds like the 2S but also in 7840U laptops that are coming out from Lenovo, Acer, Asus and HP. The driver is wildly out of date and is not optimized for recently released games like D4, F1 23 etc. AMD need to release an update in 23.6.1 that brings support for all Phoenix APUs into their generic driver set. 


I have been messing with Star Citizen, which is one of the games that triggers the 7840U driver crash 100% of the time.  I was able to get it running in Linux (nobara - a game specific distro) but the performance is less than on my Steam Deck. 

You need to be very careful !! The files and instructions you posted are very hardware specific. They include a complete BIOS firmware flash which can brick any non-Ayaneo S2 device.

The adrenaline drivers you referenced are the same April 28th, 2023 beta release which are still missing core functionality (ie: RSR). We've tested numerous recent games using those drivers and they have miserably crashed due to poor compatibility.

Adept II

Don't know how long we are gonna have to wait. No one in AMD realised this issue. I really don't understand.