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AMD Relive Audio Sync Problem.

Ok so i am having some sync issues with game/desktop audio when recording using relive. i just upgraded to a RX 580 but this also was happening on my R9 380, so i know its not the card. after i get done recording a video (1080p, 60fps, 40mbps bit rate, 320kbps audio, to my SSD). i play in back in windows everything is fine. however, the moment i throw it into premiere pro or vegas pro, the audio slowly becomes out of sync, every time. someone suggested to uninstall the K-Lite codec pack. so i did, and it actually helped a bit, but the out of sync is still there.

so what is going on? i am out of ideas of what to try. is this a driver issue? is this something that has to be patched in the AMD software?

my system specs.

FX 8350 4.1GHZ + Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO cooler


hyperX fury 16gb 1866MHZ RAM

MSI 970A SLI krait edition motherboard

EVGA supernova 750W 80+ gold power supply

corsair 500R mid tower case white

250gb SSD and a 1TB WD black drive

windows 10 64 bit

vizio 4k TV.

3 Replies

Play the videos with VLC Player If that still happens then it's the video.

If not then render the videos then it should no longer be there because the players in such programs only serve for preview.


i forgot to mention that when playing in windows movie & TV player, there is a very brief audio cut out/pop noise about every 3-5 seconds. i tested the video in VLC and the same thing.


Try to use other Recorder i can recommend PlaysTV