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Journeyman III

AMD R7-6800H integrated graphics card, that is, Radeon 680M.codec·suddenly high.

AMD R7-6800H integrated graphics card, that is, Radeon 680M, in the latest version of Windows 11 environment and other versions of Windows system operation may burst hardware decoding obstacles, such as in the process of opening video and switching video windows. The typical state is that in some video software opens a video window, the burst GPU process is not responding, and soon the system will pop up a window showing that the GPU process is not responding. Check the Task Manager to see that the decoding unit of the GPU is suddenly full of load(100%pressure), (may?)causing the GPU process to crash.And during the process of crash, the screen may freeze for about half one minutes, and then turn black and recover immediately or just black. It may be a problem with the driver, but after trying multiple drivers of AMD's official version, there are still problems.The previous driver version was more direct to the black screen. The cause of the failure may be some conflict. If it is a compatibility issue with Windows systems, also monitor it and patch it. If it is an AMD driver problem, i need update.To a certain extent, this does not have much impact on the productivity of editing, but it may be problematic in long-term decoding work, such as freezing a video picture for minutes or even hours and then suddenly starting it and crashing. There is no problem in decoding processes at 99% or even 100% for a short time during video clip rendering export activities. At one point, my rendering work lasted 20 minutes and there was no problem with the computer. But sometimes it suddenly crashes in the middle of the rendering. Sometimes it's no problem to watch 4K movies for more than 2 hours in a row. Sometimes the driver can crash just by switching from one window to that window and opening another video. The precursor to a crash is usually that the mouse will rotate in a circle, and after a few minutes it will be a little difficult to open the video window to play, and then crash a few minutes later. I don't know if it's an accident, but it usually is.


The crash process detected by Task Manager.The crash process detected by Task Manager.

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