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Journeyman III

AMD Overdrive does not recognise my AMD CPU.

I have an A9-9410 with Radeon R5, in a Lenovo V110. I have updated all drivers and downloaded the latest version of Overdrive. Still nothing. I understand the A9 can boost to 3.5Ghz, but mine seems to be consistently operating beneath this and so want to overclock it a bit to get better performance.

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Most likely because Lenovo has made it impossible for you to Overclock a laptop or make any physical changes that could end damaging the computer.

It is no problem Overclocking a GPU or CPU in a Desktop, But a laptop you should never overclock due to the fact the Laptop specs don't take into account the huge amount of heat and power the Overclocking will produce.

Need to contact Lenovo Support and ask them if your laptop can be Overclocked. Most likely they will say no.