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Adept I

AMD Noise Suppression Virtual Audio Cable

Hello all. I updated to the new drivers and I was pretty stoked to hear about Noise Suppression. I've been using it and so far it has worked well for me, but it's not perfect. It adds considerable lag to your microphone and it has a tendency to cut off some of my quieter speeches over the course of playing/recording a game. The first one I could live with, but it's the second one where I have the most issue.

I considered pre-filtering my microphone audio through either Voicemeeter or OBS before plugging it into AMD Noise Suppression. I figured, if I boosted my voice before it even reaches AMD's software, then surely it would have an easier time distinguishing between speech and background noise. I did this by inputting my microphone through OBS and manipulating its output via filters. Eventually, the filtered audio is then sent to Voicemeeter and then this is sent to AMD Adrenalin. My problem now is that AMD Noise Suppression seems to not work with any Voicemeeter output. Virtual Audio Cable, VAIO, AUX VAIO, and VAIO 3 are all completely silent when being plugged into AMD Noise Suppression, and the AMD mic produces no sound when being recorded.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Does anyone know of a good workaround? Are virtual audio input and outputs just completely blocked by AMD for Noise Suppression? Would greatly appreciate any sort of clarification regarding this.

Thank you!

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Adept I

Yep. Same happens on my PC. AMD noise suppression will not work with voicemeeter. Nvidia's noise suppression on the other hand works just fine.

Yeah sad that voicemeeter doesn't play well with it. I was able to get it to work by using another virtual audio cable software though. Idk if there's just some conflict with voicemeeter, though I will admit that this solution or even this use case is far from an ideal scenario lol.


I've always used nvidia for gpus. the 6900xt is the first amd gpu i owned. performance is quite good but i've had, and still have, so many issues regarding drivers and software that i honestly sont see myself buying another amd gpu so soon. It's just unbelievable all the issues i've had for the past almost 2 years. Nvidia is not perfect but doesnt come even close.


What is that software you are using? I was looking to get a Beacn but its not easy to get one in europe.

Adept II

Same here. It's not working on Voicemeteer devices.