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AMD drivers change video colors


i have noticed that latest drivers are changing the colors (brightness and contrast mostly) of the video i play....not for every video player but for the ones that are influenced also by the video options in the adrenaline software. I don't know why  some video players "feel" those settings and others don't, but i hope this info can help.

So the colors are very different and too flat...brightness is higher and contrast is lower

i also tried to install old drivers but it doesn't work anymore. i only know that 2 pc where i never updated drivers still have good colors and if i have no drivers installed on my pc, i have good colors. i also reinstalled windows but the situation is the same

here is the difference between potplayer and smplayer/mpv....potplayer is affected by amd drivers settings.


i can guarantee it's not a software issue since the same player with the same settings is playing correct colors without amd drivers. and this issue also happens on KMplayer and MPC-BE (other players i tested)

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What GPU are you using?

also which side is using the newest driver that change the colors, left or right video?


the players are in the same pc, at the same moment.i'm showing the difference between a player with direct link with amd drivers (i mean a player which image is change by amd software video settings like "cinema classic" "sport" "vivid" "custom" etc) and a player that doesn't

i have a rx 580. Never noticed this problem until a month ago. i can't tell when it happened but certainly not so much before. i tried to reinstall old drivers (march) but i still got the same problem

i have installed the drivers without the software and i get the problem.



Well in my own experience with this issue, I'm using a Radeon Pro Workstation GPU W5500. If i use older drivers such as Adrenalin 20.9.1 or below or any enterprise driver that uses the older control panel or just older drivers in general VS the new drivers.

Well i notice the colors/saturation/brightness changes with new drivers as well. I recently changed my pixel format to Limited RGB to get the colors and everything look like i want. Because the new drivers changes video colors, etc and IMO makes it look worse. Everything is darken, more washed out and colors and saturation is too much, some people like that, but i don't. I like the brighter video better.

Anyways, you can try changing the pixel format and mess around with each one to see does it fixed it. That's what i had to do , if i am going to continue using new drivers.

IMO, look at your video shots, i like the one on the left better than the right. The right video is just too **bleep** dark and too much saturation, but that's just me.


you should try a different player like smplayer...i don't have any problem with it

but it seems we have different video is not dark, it's the opposite...too bright with lower contrast. black is grey


i found out there is a bad setting on these drivers.....

enalbing short color range (16-235) instead of full, actually improve the video with more contrast

that's the opposite of what drivers should do.. in fact in amd software, 4 4 4 Pixel format Studio (limited) is much worse than Standard (Full).....but for the players is the opposite

if it was only one play i could think it was a software bug but i found the problem on 4 of them