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Journeyman III

AMD drivers and samsung odessy G9

So ever since I updated my pc to spec and I only did a new PSU upgrade and after this I stumbles across a driver update for my 5700XT and well after installing I noticed a few things.. one ever since I cant play any game in 240hz mode because it just glitches and freezes and its really annoying. I have to settle for 120hz on a monitor I bought for the 240hz feature that I cant use in game because of driver issues I believe. It would seem very unlikely to me that my new PSU of 1000 wat is causing my monitor to stutter at 240hz. what happend AMD I always had a fluend gaming expirience on 240hz and now you **bleep**ed me over. and the latest driver isnt much help it only makes it worse.

anyone here that has a tip ?

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Journeyman III

You can disable "MPO feature in registry". It helped me and many people who use odessy gX monitors. Nvidia has .reg file in their manual.