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Drivers & Software

AMD driver

can we not use the AMD software at all ? first we got this black screen BS (which i fix it ) but now the software keep crashing and that cause my game to crash and it is random. 


example one 

I was playing control like for 8 hours no crashes no issue at all after I passed the 8 hours of game play the I start getting crashes every 7 min  the something happened to  assassin's creed odyssey and the something happen to ghost recon breakpoint after 12 hours of game play .

example two

I play war thunder for 2 days no crashes or any issue but on the 3rd day i get 7 crashes but on 4th days everything is normal I like **bleep** 


I do not have issue with all game but some games dose this to me IDK how to fix this issue 

I update my windows and my video card drivers yesterday 


win 10 pro 

GPU 5700 XT 8 GB

Ryzen 7 1700 3.5 GHZ

16 GB RAM 3000 MHZ

and I am using SSD 


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