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Journeyman III

AMD driver issue or broken VGA or what? 7900XT

Dear all,

First of all sorry for my bad English. I built a new pc recently with the rx 7900xt card and I have issues since the beginning. PC randomly freeze then the screen goes black with the message Not supported. Windows keeps replacing my driver for some reason, or at least I get the typical message after I restart the PC : AMD software not compatible with installed graphic driver. I tried all of the solutions you can find online (windows automatic driver update turned off, turned off in gpedit etc etc, but after three days its just happen again. Its never happens in games, I have no issues in games, but when I AFK or browsing the internet ( I turned off the Chrome graphics acceleration).

My spec:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800 x3d

VGA: RX 7900 XT


Motherboard: GIGABYTE B550 Gaming X V2

Cooler: Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240-RGB

Power Supply: Antec HCG850 Bronze

Monitors : Acer 1440p 144hz with HDMI cable, and Samsung 1080p with HDMI/Display port.

Do you have any idea what causing this problem?

Could it be a power supply issue?

or the 2 different monitors or cables?

or maybe broken VGA?


Thank you in advance!

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Adept II

This is a known drivers issue so your GPU is likely fine. Here is my suggestion for fixing the issue:

  • Install DDU, download your Acer screen driver and AMD graphics driver onto a USB stick.
  • Download this script onto the USB stick: How To Stop Windows Updates From Downloading Drivers on Windows 10 & 11 - MajorGeeks
  • Disable internet, boot in safe mode and run DDU to remove all graphics drivers.
  • On reboot, install Acer screen drivers and reboot.
  • Install AMD drivers and reboot.
  • Run the MajorGeeks script to disable driver updates in Windows Update, reboot.
  • Enable internet.

Hopefully, the graphics driver will work and be stable.



Hello BigBeard,


Thank you for your feedback. I will try this method once I get home.


If your method wont help, is it possible that this issue is because of XMP enabled? I have 4x8 GB DDR4 G.SKill RAMs, and I've enabled XMP profile and overclocked my rams to 3200 Mhz from 2666Mhz.


I'm not an expert, but I've seen on forums ppl accusing XMP for display errors. Should I try to downclock my RAMs to 3000 Mhz or lower?


Thank you in advance!


Some additional general things to check if you still have issues after the driver installs:

  1. Connect GPU using separate PSU cables (not daisy-chained)
  2. Download and install latest mobo chipset drivers from AMD
  3. Ensure your HDMI cable is compatible with your monitor and the features you're using. There are different versions of HDMI that support various features (144hz, Freesync / Activesync, etc).
Adept II

A good rule is to go back to normal clock until you have a stable machine. Once the PC is stable you can try OC step by step.