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Journeyman III

AMD Driver Crashes, Out of memory error

Recently, I've been experiencing this strange bug/crash with my new setup. Upgraded to an ASUS B150-Plus with an i5-7600k, 16GB DDR4 2400mHz, Cooler Master 500W 80+, and an RX 580 4GB.
My drivers are up-to-date on every hardware, just to clarify. 
Sometimes, if I use full-screen apps (mostly games), when I try to alt-tab, the driver crashes occasionally. Not everytime, and it instantly restarts, so I can use my PC onward. With this crash, of course, the Adrenalin software crashes as well, which I use for instant replays. There were no examples where it did this outside of games/full screen apps.
I'm attaching an error log that the Bug report tool gave me after last night's crash, hopefully someone can work something out from it.


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