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AMD chipset drivers error yet installing?

Hi guys so im in a bit of a pickle here. I have been having issues with OBS despite having latest BIOS updates i keep getting microcode errors with my 3700x. So OBS told me to also update chipset drivers. Well anytime I try to update to the latest chipset drivers im getting 2 errors during the installation. OEM36.inf not found and OEM28.inf not found. Yet it also seems to still say it installs successfully. 
When i go to my motherboard chispet drivers to try those it installs but also seems to add AMD software to my programs and features in my control panel something i don't want. If i install the AMD drivers over this one i don't seem to get the error at all but why am i getting those 2 errors to begin with and how do i go about fixing it? Because if i try uninstalling that AMD software it uninstalls the motherboard chipset version yet again and i get those 2 errors when it try to replace it with the AMD chipset from the website.

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