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Journeyman III

AMD Audio Device keep crashing my windows.

Hello. I have issues with my laptop. The issue is sound. Its always on maximum volume, even if volume slider is set to 2%, changing slider does nothing. I have noticed "AMD audio device" in my device manager, but everytime I try to disable or uninstall it, my winddows (11) crash (blue screen). I tried everything from google, everything that ChatGPT suggested but nothing worked. Can you help me please?

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Journeyman III

Hello. If you have any solution I would also know it because I have the exact same issue.

Journeyman III

Hey I also have the same issue please tell me how to fix this 

Thank you..

Journeyman III

I've had this issue as well. If you open the dmp file in WinDbg that's created at time of the BSOD, it will point to amdacpafd.sys as the reason.

I encountered this issue after updating my AMD Zenbook 14 um3402 to Windows 23H2 and the built in microphone disappeared from device manager. MyAsus told me to update the Realtek drivers which resulted in a BSOD. Disabling the "AMD audio device" in device manager would cause a BSOD as well. 

This fixed it for me:

1. Run the AMD cleanup utilty from AMD Cleanup Utility to Remove AMD Driver Files | AMD

2. Reinstall the Windows 10/11 drivers from AMD Drivers and Support | AMD

Afterwards the microphone was detected again and MyAsus updated the Realtek driver without a BSOD. Disabling and enabling the AMD audio device in device manager now also works as expected.