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AMD Adrenalin Software wont open: Windows 11

So I have installed the AMD software to update my drivers and that, but whenever i try to open the app it does not open and if it does the whole page does not load (i have added a pic to show what i mean). i did try uninstalling and reinstalling the software but still does not work, can anyone help?  

PC -  HP OMEN 25L Gaming PC - AMD Ryzen 7, RX 6600 XT, 1 TB SSD


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might be helpful to post your PC information rather than an image showing what is wrong.


its a HP OMEN 25L Gaming PC - AMD Ryzen 7, RX 6600 XT, 1 TB SSD

You have a HP OMEN Desktop PC with a Ryzen 7 5700G APU Processor and RX6600XT GPU Card.

Usually when you have a separate GPU card installed BIOS automatically make the GPU card the Main Display adapter.

But here is the latest AMD Driver that is compatible with both your Ryzen Integrated Graphics and RX6600xT GPU card:

Use DDU with the internet disconnected and delete the AMD Driver Installation folder at C:\AMD.

After DDU reboots back into Windows run the full downloaded AMD Driver package. If it installs successfully, again delete C:\AMD and reconnect the Internet.

Then run GPU-Z and upload an image to make sure the driver is install correctly and has the correct data for your GPU card.

Also afterwards check Device Manager and see if you have any errors showing. Especially under "Displays".

NOTE: Make sure you have your Monitor connected to the GPU card and not the Video Outputs to your Motherboard.

If you continue to have the exact same issue please post back with the error.



Hi, thanks for the reply… I believe your method worked because the software is working thanks a lot, but if it starts having issues again I’ll post again.



Run the AMD driver uninstaller and then reinstall the driver provided by HP.