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Journeyman III

AMD Adrenalin default tuning severely limiting 6800 XT

So, after hours of troubleshooting and help, I've come to realize that my terrible 3DMark score on my new PC I just built with a 6800 XT was because the Adrenalin software, in the Performance > Tuning setting, was set to "Default." Which I would have thought would allow the card to run at its full capabilities (not even overclocking, just running like normal).

However, when I  set the tuning to AMD's default preset (, whenever I play an intensive game or run a Time Spy test, it limits the GPU's clock speed to 1200 Mhz, which of course causes the GPU to severely underperform. Like 50FPS in RDR2 on ultra as opposed to 90.

Once I figured out that's what the issue was, I set the tuning to custom and set the max Mhz to 2050(, which I believe is the max "normal" clock speed for the GPU before it gets into overclocking. IMMEDIATELY fixed all my issues, RDR2 now runs at 90FPS and the 3DMark score was far closer to the average.

My question is, why is the default AMD tuning preset for my GPU here limiting it so severely? Is there something I'm not seeing or am I severely messing up by messing with the max Mhz here?

My GPU obviously got a lot louder with more coil whine/louder fans once I unlocked it this way, since it was working far harder. But I want to know why AMD was limiting it so terribly in the default preset, if there's a way to fix that, and if my custom preset is going to mess up the card in any way.

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