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Adept I

AMD 21.2.1 flickering/black screen every few minutes


Radeon RX 580 Series with 21.2.1 version. I have flickering almost every minute. Screen goes black, comes back again in about 2 seconds with a prompt to send a bug report (I did). I have two screens by the way. Read in older driver versions that this was a problem. It was supposed to be fixed with this driver I think?

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hi, last drivers for rx 580 are 21.2.3

i think you problem is about driver crashing , but that maybe related to temps or so too , check if something is weird with temps

what are your screens ? high refresh rates ?

thanks for your reply! when I check for update with the AMD software it tells me it's up to date doesn't give me 21.2.3. weird

temps are fine. one screen is 60hz and the other 75hz

ah I had only recommended update that's why! let's see if this update fixes it...

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Software 21.2.2 installieren !

Journeyman III

We are having the same problem most likely in our Dell G5. The screen constantly flickers now. 

  • Storage Type
  • Total Storage Capacity
    512 gigabytes
  • 512 gigabytes
  • PCIe
  • 0 revolutions per minute
  • None

  • 8 gigabytes
  • DDR4
  • 3200 megahertz
  • 8 megabytes
  • 32 gigabytes
  • Number of Memory Sticks Included
  • Yes

  • AMD Radeon RX 5600M
  • Discrete
  • GPU Brand
    AMD Radeon
  • 6000 megabytes
  • Dedicated

  • Processor Brand
  • 2.9 gigahertz
  • AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen 7
  • Processor Model Number
    AMD Ryzen 7 4800H
  • Processor Cores

Getting the same problem with the latest drivers. Although, i don't have any black screens, but i do get constant flickering when scrolling, watching videos or playing games. 

I only noticed it a couple of days ago. It was all of a sudden. 

Prior to that, everything was fine. 


i had some screen flickering with an old 570, that suddenly appeared while browsing (but not in games for example) , i read somewhere in a forum to re-init wattman with the reinitialization button in wattman "settings" menu (in the upper right corner, the arrow in circle) and let default setting to test if it helps (flickering directly disappeared by me , but i don't know if it is for the same reasons)


I'll try and better describe it. Its not the whole screen flickering, but when you scroll, you'll notice the text starts flashing. In gamess, you'll notice weird wavy lines start to appear when you move and flickering in the distance. In videos, when things are moving, you'll notice the same wavy lines appear and things such as lights start flickering when movement is happening. 

In minecraft for example, you'll notice weird white dotted lines in between blocks and wavy lines whilst moving. 

Its the strangest thing. Like I say, a few days ago, it was all fine. No issues whatsoever, then all of a sudden, the flickering stuff started happening. 

I did a reset on my computer today to see if there was a problem. That checked out. I checked cables for my monitor, they were fine. 

From what I can tell, it seems to be a problem with the display drivers. 


I also noticed something really strange as well. I loaded up the bedrock edition of minecraft. Its usually a good one to test for any graphical issues. And it instantly told me my graphics drivers were out of date and that there was an update available. Its never done that before in the past. So, i double checked and there is nothing to update. Everything was up to date according to the AMD software.

Also, the software isn't saving settings. You close it, reopen it and its set the settings you set back to what they were before.

Adept I

hi all!

installing the 21.2.3 driver seems to have fixed my problem.

Adept I

well the issue came back today even more strong while i have the latest 21.2.3 drivers.

black screens every few seconds.... it's driving me crazy....


I also read that having two screens can cause problems this the current drivers so I unplugged one of my screens. still the issue persists

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Meine RX5700XT Grafikkarte wird wohl in die letzte von AMD sein, ich steige wieder wenn nötig auf Nvidea um. Meine letzte war eine GTX 970 und damit hatte ich selten Probleme, wenn dann wurden diese im neuen Treiber gelöst. Wenn es Probleme beim Gamen gab, wurde das Bild eingefroren und man konnte nach Sekunden wieder weiter spielen. Das lag aber hauptsächlich an den Grafik und CPU-Anforderungen der Spiele bei meinen alten PC. Auch jetzt noch stürzt noch Borderland 3 auf energiesparend selten ab mit schwarzen Bildschirm, was manchmal zu Spielstandlöschungen führt, sehr ärgerlich! Aber in der Radeon Software wird kein Fehler mehr angezeigt, sehr merkwürdig, wohl Absicht. Denn wenn Borderland 3 selbst abstürzt, gibt es eine Fehlermeldung in Windows, keinen schwarzen Bildschirm. Wie ich schon geschrieben habe ist es bei den Preisen der Grafikkarten (meine 429 Euro) eine Frechheit, die Probleme nicht zufriedenstellend für alle zu lösen. Guten Tag...

In my case (5700XT) the only way to fix black screen & the following driver timeout error was to roll back to Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.11.2 Recommended (WHQL).



flickering / blackscreen / driver timeout

are different thing and each can be caused by different problem

with driver timeout i would suggest to check ram speed and timings , try to set them to default (not xmp) and check if it helps ... also check motherboard bios version
don't put you ram timing back to xmp or previous settings before having solved the problem


Sorry but I don't think you understood anything from what I wrote above.

I wrote clearly that the problems with the black screen and driver timeouts disappeared completely after I downgraded to Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.11.2. As for XMP, I had it set to enabled for 1.5 years without any problems.

Issues with black screens & driver timeout errors started only 2-3 weeks ago with a new revision of the Adrenalin drivers.

wow..., sorry for you then, i think i can't help here