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Journeyman III

All my games crash on startup


During the previous two, three days I have been experiencing certain problems related to fps (Games that I could play on 30-60 fps without problems went to 11-18 fps suddenly, without any recent hardware or software change), this started with Star Wars Battlefront 2, which I could play at 60fps for the first minute or two before the sudden fall of fps (Having been able to play it smoothly since I bought it almost a year ago). I thought this was a problem related to drivers (I had the 19.12.2 amd driver installed and I updated to the 19.12.3, but this didn't really solve my problem. I tried cleaning my computer and that didn't do anything either. So the next day I decide to try once more, and to my surprise my games no longer work. Some of them such as The Witcher manage to load the menu, but as soon as the loading screen is over and the game is about to start, the game freezes and then crashes, and either the game closes itself and takes me to my desktop, or it becomes a black window that makes me unable to even open the task manager, forcing me to turn off my computer. This happens with all my games: online, offline, from Steam, Origin, Battlenet...

So, I tried going back to the 19.12.2 driver but the problem persists. I've already checked my antivirus and that I have the latest windows updates as well. Everything else seems to work properly, it is just games that won't load. Again, I haven't had this problem before and after checking speccy and AMD software it doesn't seem to be a hardware problem (It could be, but I'm not really sure)

I've attached a dxdiag file so that you can check my computer specs. If you need more information please let me know. Thank you.

Edit: I've just tried to go back to 19.12.1, and now my games manage to start but the fps still go down to 11 or so.

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