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Adept I

Alan Wake 2 stuttering (6900xt)

I can’t seem to find settings that stop or greatly reduce stuttering in this game.  I am on AMD 24.1.1 Drivers, updated chipset driver, windows is updated ect.  Driver was done on a complete clean install. With the AMD clean up tool. When the character is not moving no issues, I am playing on a xbox style controller.  I have taken settings to the lowest possible, not change.  Nothing is over clocked and not having issues in other new games, like Hell Divers 2.  Anyone find good settings or ideas on improving frame time with this game?  Best I have found is locking the FPS to 60, it makes it better but does not completely fix it.  From what I can find seems more like a AMD GPU issue than Green Team.  It’s installed on a M.2 SSD GEN 4 and I see a lot of action on the drive when playing the game. (Possible issue in the game?)


Thanks for any Ideas!  May just have to buy for my Xbox, want to enjoy the game and not get a headache.

Red Devil 6900xt

AMD 5700x3d

DDR4 3600 AXMP1


MSI X570

Samsung Gen 4 m.2 SSD 


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Journeyman III

Just downgrade your driver to 23.11.1 version, later driver have lot of changes but some problem too.

Adept I

Rx 6900 xt, Ryzen 7 5700x, PCIE 4.0 x4 m2 nvme ssd, 24.2.1 driver ve 3800 mhz ddr4 32 gb ram sistemi ile Saga'nın sahnelerinde mikro takılma sorunu yaşıyorum. Özellikle Destan sahnelerinde. Yalnız değilsin. Ne yazık ki, AMD hala kekemelik sorunlarını çözemedi.