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Journeyman III

Alan Wake 2 gave me a pink tint on screen?

So i updated my drivers to 24.1.1 a few days ago and everything worked fine, nothing i could complain about.

Then yesterday i tried launching Alan Wake 2 for the first time and i've gone through the display calibration process for the game. I have an SDR monitor but the game let me choose the HDR mode which i thought was a litte weird. I clicked on it to see what woulb happen then clicked back on SDR mode.

After the display calibration process i quit the game and noticed that my whole monitor now has a pink tint on it.

I cant fix it through custom color or pixel format, the only thing that strangely gets rid of the pink tint is changing the color depth from 8bpc to 6bpc.

Reinstalling the drivers did nothing. But whats weird is that as soon as the drivers get uninstalled, the tint dissapears, only to appear again as soon as they are installed back.

If i roll back to 23.12.1, the pink tint is gone, but as soon as i update to 24.1.1, its back.

Currently im staying on 23.12.1 but im a little scared the next driver  version is going to have the exact same issue and ill be stuck on 23.12.1. Again what is very werid is that i had no issues until i launched Alan Wake 2, its like the game injected pink tint code into the driver. Its very strange and i dont know what i could do

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Journeyman III

Update! The pink tint is gone if i enable "10 bit pixel format" even though i have a 8bit monitor.. (i have the DELL S3222DGM)