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Adrenalin Software BSOD Crash ON INSTALL (UPDATED May 13 2019) FINALLY SOLVED


After 5 months and 13 days when the last functional driver was launched and after struggling with 13 failed versions and without any response, AMD FINALLY launches 19.5.1 version, which solves the installation problem and works as it should . Unfortunately for many all this time is an eternity for the solution of such a simple problem, but well, we hope it will never happen again and that there will be no new problems with Windows 10 May Update 1903.

We do not thanks for this solution, because it is an AMD DUTY to attend and solve all the inconveniences that arise to give support to its users, so we are not doing favors to thank. They are in the obligation to solve this type of problems, on the contrary, it is considered an excessive time for this solution. We hope that with this you also pay attention to an improvement in the service to your customers.


The problem is that when you start your installation and when it reaches 33%, 50% or 62%, the PC is restarted and creating a blue  screen (BSOD) with the code 0x00000050 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, generated because of atikmdag.sys and in which it remains in a permanent restart cycle until it is restored to a previous configuration.


When reviewing the Installation.log file, it can be clearly seen that it is an error in the package that causes the installation to stop and fail.

[ERROR] - ERROR_DRIVER_PACKAGE_NOT_IN_STORE::[000000ADE1EF7F90] There does not exist an INF file in the driver store that corresponds to the INF file specified by DriverPackageInfPath.


The latest version that works is, November 2018.

There are several affected models, among which are HD 7970, R9 280X, R9 390X, RX460 etc.

List of things that I have tried

  • Clean installation of Windows 10
  • Deactivating Antivirus Software and the Internet
  • Uninstall Old Drivers with DDU and AMD Cleaning Tool in safe mode
  • Test the Graphics Card in another computer.

List of failed drivers on install process

  • 18.12.2 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 18.12.3 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.1.1 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.1.2 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.2.1 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.2.2 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.2.3 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.3.1 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.3.2 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.3.3 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.4.1 (Crash in 33% of Installation
  • 19.4.2 (Crash in 62% of Installation)
  • 19.4.3 (Crash in 50% of Installation)

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boot loop for me, went back to again, sigh


got all the way thru install (with factory reset). 

then atikmdag.sys service kicked the blue screen, then reboot loop after that. gets to startup screen and dll services popup as soon as I login. reboot repeat

Possible hardware conflict? on board audio? display port screens?

Would Installing via INF File Fix this (then go back and install the software suite to go along w/ it).

Funny the Setup tout's "WIDELY TESTED"


INF Install didnt work, and now my System Restores dont work either.

I get Critical Process DIED BSOD now

Journeyman III

How do you do the INF Install, just want to make sure I do it correctly, cause Windows update 1609 is about to hit my rig again, and it will BSOD Loop me, but if I get 2020 working clean then it wont.

So, Clean Drivers, Extract Package, INF Install, Then Install software?


the inf is under packages/drivers/display

Journeyman III

My Windows is completely botched, system restore fails, Im gonna have to reset from install media.

Journeyman III

gonna try Win10 1909 ISO clean install.

Journeyman III

Did a Fresh install of Windows10 using 1909 ISO, Then Directly Updated to 2020 Driver Suite (unchecked factory reset).

from there, the start menu was not working, but I ran windows update to finish installing updates, and rebooted.

So far, so good, only got Rift and 10Gbit Lan drivers left to install then it's software.

Journeyman III

Oculus Rift Software Crashed the Amd Driver w/ BSOD, after that, the setup just fails and asks for a reboot.

So... maybe this is a conflict between the hardware and the Oculus Drivers?

So far Crashes on ATIKMDAG after clearing the download cache, once it BSOD's the download cache is corrupted for Oculus.

Just got done re-freshing (re-installing windows),

Oculus Setup Crashed the AMD Driver the 1st time, the 2nd-4th time so far, it stops at "installing" and says something went wrong to restart windows and try again.

Install Try #1, Crashes atikmdag.sys (Blue Screen for Service Exception)
Install Try #2, Setup Stops and Says there was an error to restart the PC.
Install Try #3, Setup Stops and Says there was an error to restart the PC.
Install Try #4, Setup Stops and Says there was an error to restart the PC.
Cleared the Oculus Download Cache/Temp Folder
Install Try #5, Crashes atikmdag.sys again.

There's a bunch of users w/ Custom PCB 7970s that are having problems installing any Driver after for AMD, and I think the problem maybe Oculus.

(I had Oculus on my system first during my April Rebuild before I installed AMD's drivers).

AMD Drivers being installed after Oculus leads to a BSOD Loop for atikmdag.sys Service Exception.
AMD Drivers being installed before Oculus leads to a BSOD Crash during setup, in the last little bit of the progress bar, just when you hear the sound for a device being taken off.

Journeyman III

Unplugging my rift HDMI until after setup stopped the crashes


it seems that some older VR hardware is having problems with windows 10 and new video drivers

seen a few reports on game forums but this could be due to a mangled windows setup


In reply to you both.  Even though my computers are VR capable, I do not use or have any VR hardware installed.  Whatever the issue is I think its something to do with how the AMD driver is trying to verify the digital signature with win 10, at least with my specific computers and R9 390X.  From what I can deduce, every time the driver install fails into the boot loop it occurs right around the time the install is trying to register the digital signature.  I'm not sure why that would be different from to anything newer though.  All driver packages prior to install fine as well.


I think it's linked to displayport timing and displays being added/removed.

specifically the Rift and Rift DevKits.

I checked over my old windows install's AMD Drivers log, the atikmdag.sys crash happened when the driver was disconnecting the rift HMD and adding it back after the new driver was installed, and since a Stop Code was faulted, the install was corrupted.

Same issue w/ Oculus Setup, when it installs the oculus driver for the first time, the HMD Device is disconnected, then added back, which trips the same atikmdag.sys

So, the issue is the older Rift, DevKit 2 and other DevKits between DK2 and Rift, do not disconnect properly and re-connect. which trips the stop code for the atikmdag.sys.

This may also happen with some specific monitors.

I literally made a system image this morning, and removed my rift from the system (physically unconnected) and was able to install every driver w/ no problems that I had problems with before.

Then restored the Image again, connected the rift HMD Device, and boom, BSOD during driver install, right when you hear the sound for disconnecting device and then re-connect.

Check logs, display device disconnected, display device connected, atikmdag.sys crash.


I have seen others with VR report that was the only one that worked.

I have not see many reports so I am still not 100% sure as the core problems.

The AMD installer crashes on my box so I am forced to manually install the INF files to get my RX 480 working

It is so bad I was thinking of making a new driver package for AMD so that it actually works properly. The one they have now fails badly.

Journeyman III

I have narrowed it down to my Rift Headset.

After all drivers are installed, rebooting results in the atikmdag.sys BSOD Service exception loop. (BSOD On Shutdown, and Boot Up)

if I unplug the headset during startup, everything boots quickly and without problems.
(when the headset is plugged in, there is also an extra screen off/on cycle before BSOD comes up), with headset unplugged, windows loads quicker and there is no screen off/on cycle before the login screen.

Leaving HMD Unplugged unless I'm using it fixes the problem 100%.

So it's a display disconnect/re-connect issue during driver loading (install and windows boot).

Journeyman III

Further Update, Installed Latest 2020 Drivers as well without problems (again w/ my rift unit hdmi unplugged unless I'm using it).


Am I the only one still having issues? lol

Only working driver packages for me are still or prior.  And now I'm unable to install windows feature updates since update 2004 released in May.  Probably because is tries to install the newest amd drivers

Someone posted in a few threads on this forum recently about hp bios being the problem.  Does anyone else here, who had or are possibly still having issues updating amd drivers, have an hp?



I fixed it!  amd driver from to 20.11.2 and windows 10 updated  from 1909 to 20H2.  Basically the same steps, not sure why this didn't of work before with windows feature 1909, at least not for my specific computers.  If anyone else having problems installing amd drivers in windows 10 try this:

  1. Safe mode with networking: Remove amd with ddu or amd cleanup utility, restart back into safe mode w net
  2. Safe mode w net: Using windows update assistant (not win update in settings) update windows, restart normal
  3. Normal start:
    1. Just in case, check the start menu to see if there's any amd remnants.  I noticed sometimes stuff like amd bug report tool install separate and seem to cause issues installing drivers. If so delete them from the start menu program folder (windows/program data/microsoft/windows/start menu/programs). 
    2. Check windows update in settings.  If you're on windows feature 20H2 it won't auto install amd drivers.  Install any windows only updates, no optional updates, and restart as needed.  My attempts using windows update for the newest amd driver failed.
    3. Now download/install the newest amd driver from amd's website

After I updated windows and tried installing amd as an optional update, which failed, I tried installing old faithful amd  It installed fine but now on windows 20H2 it installed without image or sound.  No!!!  At that point I was thinking f this and about to reload my disk image but I decided one more amd removal and install attempt.  Installing direct from amd worked and those are the steps I took :) Its nice to have a fully updated system after 2 years!



And...jinxed myself.  Black screen with new driver on 20H2 as well and no other driver version works now.  Thought my card finally gave up the ghost.  I loaded the disk image from last month with windows 10 feature 1909 and amd  My 390X card is still fine and everything works with that setup.  So now since I can't update my gpu drivers I can't update windows.  2020 is a b--ch!

Welp, see ya later!  


I have a Radeon HD 7770 and it crashes when installing Adrenalin.