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Journeyman III

Adrenalin Software 23.5.1 missing features?

Hi there!

I’m kind of a AMD newbie, got my first AMD rig like three weeks ago and I’m kind of lost with the Adrenalin Software (version 23.5.1). The software got an auto CPU overlocking option but there is no undervolting or any manual tuning options for neither CPU or dGPU/iGPU. My CPU hits 1.5 Volts while playing Overwatch 2 or Battlefield V (High Performance mode) and it makes my CPU way too hot (85º sometimes even 90º) and I would prefer to undervolt to avoid this, but Adrenalin does not give this option. I’ve tried to set my processor performance to 99% instead of 100% in my High Performance power plan and my cpu temp drops to around 59º-63º, but as a result my frames drop significantly. Should I downgrade the Adrenalin software to a specific version that has these features or does my CPU and GPU simply do not support undervolting/manual tuning? Or is there a workaround to undervolting?

Any help is much appreciated, and thank you.

My specs:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX - dGPU: AMD RX 6600M - iGPU: AMD Radeon Graphics 

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