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Journeyman III

Adrenalin Driver lagging my PC when I alt tabbed out the game with high VRAM usage overflow

Hi, since ver. 2023.11.1 driver, my RX6700XT always lagged my pc when I alt tabbed to another window from game, the whole computer is lagged so badly that basically cannot use it, not only game but the entire system running at 3 FPS including the whole system UI and game, game won't crash, except Destiny2 will sent me back to orbit says Clock skew has reached upper limit and give me a error code Rutabaga(not Destiny2 issue, I experienced this lag in every other game), I don't know if it's showing correctly but the task manager reports AMDRSServ.exe is overflowing tons of dedicated VRAM, when this happens it will last about half a minute, GPU usage is 0% with super low power consumption, after that system is restored(but it will happened again), then the Relive components is completely bugged out: recording is not working, replay keep saying Saving but not saving at all, the only solution is reboot. This happed nearly every day which is destroying my mood, I tried DDU, a fresh Windows install, switched video encoder from AVC to HEVC, switched replay buffer from RAM to Hard drive, none of them worked, the only temporary solution is DDU wiped, select 'driver-only'
when reinstalling the driver, but I need to use it so this is not a proper solution for me.
My pc spec: 12600KF B660 MB, 32g DDR5 ram, 2t ssd 650w PSU, PowerColor RX6700xt Red devil

Many people are experiencing the same problem, from rx6000 to rx7000, they all found no solution for this. Just go your community search 'alt tab' or '3fps' and sort by time. I'm 100% sure this is a driver issue, please do something, this is urgent.

I cannot stop alt tabbed out of the game, and also cannot go back to old driver since AMD fixed Destiny2 lag issue a month ago, People like me need help desperately.

Here are 2 screenshots shows AMDRSServ.exe is overflowing my dedicate VRAM and Destiny2's error code.



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