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Adept III

Adrenalin 22.5.2 Optional (WHQL) - 6/20/2022 release date?

Did Amd Re'Released the same version of the Andrenalin Software or they forgot to add the new version for download?


Screenshot (370)_LI.jpg


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It's a strange one, waiting on Rep. response from a couple of other forums ?

Haven't tried it myself.


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Adept I

У них на сайте при скачивании была даже версия не от 31.05.2022, а от 17.5.2022. Они походу совсем ничего не смотрят

Journeyman III

I have just discovered that AMD's graphics card driver has many problems waiting to be fixed. Warzone Stuttering,fortnite's Dx11 and dx12 Stuttering ,the stability of the driver have yet to be solved. In June, it was almost over. 22.6.1 was not released yet, and WHQL became unintentional


Could only assume they probably "signed" the optional drivers so it no longer says Beta on software like GPU-Z. Don't know for sure, but just throwing a guess out there.

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I'm running the version released in May and it was already "signed". shows as WHQL in gpu-Z

EK watercooled 6900xt - 5900x - Lian Li XL - Samsung neo G8 - Logitech G910 - Hero G502

It also says whql on the official driver page.

Adept II

To make the old driver new, just change the release date22,5,2.png

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Yea they aren't even trying anymore to appear like they want to fix driver issues. 22.5.2 has been retagged with a new release date three times now.  The enhanced sync issue have been in the list of know issues since 2020 

I'm getting tired of waiting. it's almost 6 months now (going on the 7th) and I can't play Dx12 games (well, I can play but I don't want to because of the 100% utilization "bug") and this happens, no news and the release date of the latest driver just "changes" without fixing anything.

Adept I

is nobody having problems with 22.5.2? it says there is known issues wrong with it.

Adept III


Not sure here - but first launch of the 22.5.2 (not beta but WHQL) - that launch May 31 (as I recall) - gave me problems in BF2042 - had a lot of directx crashes and device removed errors. When this re-launch or whatever it was came out - I re-downloaded and re-installed it - (driver did not object and said upgrade). After this no crash - all works perfect in BF2042. Could also be something they have fixed on Dice / EA side - but my games have been running much better after this re-install of 22.5.2 !

BF5 also runs way better / smoother now. I would say - give it a try !


It would be good if an AMD spoke person can share why this driver version is having these changing release dates. 

Well, they've updated the driver, but they still haven't fixed a bug from half a year ago.

Journeyman III

yea some reason also I can't adjust my fans speeds on my msi rx 570 anymore since 22.5.2 dropped

22.6.1 has rectified this issue

Go ahead, call OSHA. They can't unstunt the forklift.