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Journeyman III

about ADL_Display_WriteAndReadI2C

How can I use I2c to control graphics card??
I can't find "ADL_Display_WriteAndReadI2C" API in ADL SDK (Ver.10 ~ 12)
can help me find the API and examples?Thanks!!

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Adept I

The ADL SDK does not have function definitions. You have to code those in yourself. They do provide the needed parameters and return values in the SDK so you do not need to code those yourself.

There are examples available for you to see how it is done. If you look at the EDIDSampleTool\EDID.cpp file you will see how they go about handling the function declarations. I know that you asked a previous question regarding I2C and controlling the lights on your video card. I am pretty sure you will be able to do this via the I2C function you will have to know what data needs to be sent. This part is probably going to be manufacturer specific. You will need to contact the company that made your video card and ask them what needs to be sent over I2C.