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Journeyman III

7970 with active mini DP adapters don't work in Windows 10 but worked in Windows 7


I have an issue with using active display port adapters in Windows 10. For some reason they don't work on my PowerColor 7970 video card. It was working in Windows 7 with 2019 Crimson Drivers fine. I was playing Far Cry 4 and etc no issues at all. I recently formatted my hard drive to Windows 10 with upgrades and Adrenaline 2020 and only the DVI ports work and any active adapters mini DP to DVI don't work anymore. So I got only 2 screens of the 4 to work, only on the DVI ports of the 7970.

I borrowed a friends mini DP to VGA and got a 3rd monitor to work but I would like to all my monitors to work again like before in Windows 7 but now in Windows 10. In the settings it will list the 3 monitors of the 4 with 2 active mini DP to DVI (not using dp to VGA since it is not mine). It finds the DP monitor and list it properly but will not display an image on it at all and as the 4th monitor it shows as PnP monitor and marks it blue in the settings menu. I have been shifting around the DP to HDMI adapters ports and still nothing. I have also swapped monitors between all the ports and the results are the same. It will shows monitor ID 1,2,3 but 3 is not visible on the screen since it is a blank screen and never finds the 4 monitor at all properly.

I know both active Logiix mini DP were working fine and I also borrowed another an active apple adapter and still not working. Only DP to VGA adapter would work. Is there some kind of active displayport adapter Windows 10 driver needs to be downloaded and installed on it? I have playing around with this for 3 days and so far no progression to getting a solution to it.

During the Windows 10 installation + update and driver installation I only had 1 monitor connected trying not to make the installation more complicated until everything was done and install the second 7970 crossfire and eyefinity last hoping to play far cry 5 and new dawn.

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