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Adept I

7900xtx driver timeout

So I upgraded my computer with some new parts which are;

Corsair 850 watt PS

Gigabyte 7900xtx

Ryzen 5800x3d

MSI 2400 AIO

 Playing modern warfare 2 regular multi player maps worked fine. Both war zone and DMZ crash with a driver time out error.  I played several hours of the Resident Evil 2 remake with all settings at maximum and 1440P resolution with raytracing enabled no problem. Then one day some of the textures did not load in correctly.

 My old graphics card was in an Nvidia card.

Adrenaline 22.3.1 is installed

Updated bios on my x570 motherboard and chipset drivers

Windows 11 is up to date

Used DDU to remove Nvidia drivers ( In safe mode with windows automatic update disabled.

Temps are 45-50°C on my cpu and 50-60°C on the gpu so no thermal shutdown

Ran memory diagnostic tool and no errors 

sfc/ scannow no errors 

Reset mother board to factory settings 

Disabled XMP

Still crashes Warzone and DMZ

Clean windows install STILL CRASHES

Bought the card from New Egg so I'm only eligible for a replacement not a refund.  Will try new card when it arrives. If not the card it's down to the driver and we need help!


4 Replies

What model Corsair 850wtt PSU? and how old is it?

Are you running separate power cables from the PSU to each power input on the GPU?

What was your previous Nvidia GPU?

What, if any, errors are showing in your systems Event Viewer after crashing?

ThreeDee PC specs

It's a brand new Corsair RM 850 Power supply 

I am running separate cables to the gpu

Previous gpu was an rtx 2080 super 

The only thing I'm seeing in event viewer is is an information level that says AMD_ANR_BG_PROC

 The description for event ID 2 from source AMD_ANR_BG_PROC  Cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on a local computer.


Journeyman III

i dont think its your fault cod dmz keeps crashing on my rx 6800xt and from what i read on reddit it just looks like cod dmz/warzone might have issues with amd based systems

Adept I

I always crashed atleast once a day when playing World of Warcraft. More often if I had Google Chrome running with youtube on 2nd monitor. I started using Firefox and disabled AMD Freesync. It has worked wonders. Seems like WoW and Freesync causing problems after latest driver update (using a 7900 XTX)