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Adept II

7900 XTX intermitten driver timeouts on PCIe 4.0 / EXPO enabled

Hey guys, Hey AMD,

I really hope someone from AMD is reading this, I have spent countless hours for troubleshooting my system since nobody could help me.

Long story short my MB has a PCIe 4.0 slot for the GPU. If i use it and EXPO is enabled for the RAM -> driver timeouts every few minutes.
Workaround 1: disable EXPO -> leads to less performance since RAM is running at 4800 instead of 6000 (AMD stated 6000MHz to be the sweet spot for the Ryzen 7 7700x, thats why i bought it)
Workaround 2: put GPU in PCIe 3.0 slot -> can enable EXPO but its a really bad position on the MB, thermals go up to 108C on benchmarking whereas on workaround 1 they kept being at about 92-94C. Also might damage cables sooner or later on this specific MB

This was tested with the newest driver (12.01.2023).

PLEASE AMD or someone maybe with the same problem, tell me what can I do to fix this, just wait and pray for a driver update? Thats at least what I have been told when I wanted to return the card ...

My specs:
Ryzen 7700x
Gigabyte 650 gaming x ax
32GB DDR-5 corsair ram 6000MHz
RX 7900 XTX
850W Corsair PSU

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Adept II

Can you manually enable 'EXPO' specs? Instead of a 1-click overclock, manually adjust the speed, FCLK, primary timings and voltage? I am not familiar with Gigabyte BIOS but MSI have something called "memory-try-it" where you can try different memory profiles (totally separate from XMP/EXPO).

Yes I can put voltage and timings etc in there as I like, but never done that ..

You think it would help?
Where do I get new timings to try out?


What is the Corsair kit model #? You are certain it is EXPO certified? 

I'd give it a try manually, sometimes XMP/EXPO profiles being enabled cause instability issues. You can get the primary timings/voltage in the CPU-Z tool (free download). It will show standard JDEC timings, as well as XMP/EXPO timings. For infinity fabric timing, use 2000 Mhz.  

Yes it is EXPO certified, says on the packaging, the full kit name is: CMK32GX5M2D6000Z36.

I cannot find any EXPO timings here, or am I doing something wrong.




I guess I found the values:



So I just try out the values under EXPO-6000 i guess?


Yes, correct. 
Speed: DDR5-6000
Primary timings: 36-36-36-76 (tRC=112 I am not sure is part of primary but if you see the parameter you can set it)
Voltage: 1.35 ( you can probably go to 1.4 without issue)

Adept II

Yeah it says even on the packaging that it is EXPO RAM.

The full kit name is: CMK32GX5M2D6000Z36

Will try that out ty.