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Journeyman III

7900 XT stuttering on most titles when playing them for the first time after installing new drivers

Hi everyone, I recently purchased a PowerColor 7900XT and I'm having just this single issue.
Most of my games, if not all, stutter when first playing them after installing new drivers.

What I mean with stutter? Sudden frame drops related to new assets loading I guess (most noticeable in DX11 titles like Paladins and even older ones), after a while the situation gets better but reinstalling drivers causes the same issue again.
I'm pretty sure this issue is related with shaders being compiled and saved using a single thread, instead of using the whole CPU correctly (checking on HWINFO I can see usually a single thread maxing out while the others are sleeping).

Coming from a GTX 1080 I never had these kinda of problems, or they weren't these noticeable.
Any idea on how to mitigate this?

PC specs:
GPU: 7900XT
CPU: 3700x
RAM: 3600MHz 16GB

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Journeyman III

Im experiencing the same issue. Did you find any answers or solutions?

Coming from 3080 never had anything like this, some games that I play in 4k were actually smoother with the 3080.

Really hope AMD is on their toes and working day and night to fix this as I hear a lot of people rather having issues.

Journeyman III

I investigated and asked everywhere, there is no solution whatsoever, that's just how AMD works

Now I only update my drivers if there are specific issues for a game I'm playing