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Journeyman III

7900 xt causing stutter in games

Hey everyone,

First of all, here is my build : AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT - 13th Gen Intel(R) Core i5-13400F - B760 Gaming X DDR4 - Straight Power 11 (850V) - 2x 16GB Kingston FURY Beast 3600Mhz - 1TB WD Blue SN570 - Arctic Freezer i35 A-RGB - Phanteks Eclipse G360A - two displays ( i don´t know the exact name right now)

Just a few weeks ago i decided to buy a fully fresh and clean (and hopefully much better) pc - unfortunately the 7900 xt didn´t like my idea and wish, so she decided to destroy every game with stutter and microlagging. If it woudn´t be a completely new system with an 800 € graphic card i would probably live with it, but under this circumsstances i won´t.

Here are a few things i tried : - new clean driver install (1.) Pro edition ,2.) Normal with full install, minimal install and driver only)

                                                      - i´ve tried changing amd-settings like antilag, enhaunced sinc, adaptive sync.....

                                                       - i disabled mpo and ulps

                                                       - i changed my psu ( originally i had an Pure Quiet 12 m 750 W)

                                                       - i tried new resolutions and fps limits

                                                       - i tried out some weird konfigurations from youtube xD

                                                        - i turned on/off several windows functions in this area

                                                        - i installed the newest bios-driver

                                                         - full hard wipe and new windows

                                                          - and i believe much more that does not come to my mind right now

Here are a few games i experienced stutters in : Elden Ring, Satisfactory, Ark, Stellaris, Astroneer, Age of Empires 2 + 4, but i believe i could write for several hours if i wanted to 

I would be very happy for any help or answers - tread me like i am an idiot i don´t care, just give me a hint please xD



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