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Journeyman III

6900xt Power Draw 23.2.2


I had very strange behavior with my Red Devil 6900xt Ultimate.  Playing control only with ray tracing on after about 20-30 minutes the GPU PWR would drop from 300W to 180-200W reducing FPS.  If I turned off ray tracing the PWR would jump back to the normal 300W.  Also with this driver, the built in stress test would reduce PWR and drop GPU CLK down to as low as 10MHz.  The stress test would complete but hardly use the GPU.  I only found issues in these two programs resolved by returning to 22.11.2.  Anyone seeing issues with power use and 23.2.2 and AMD 6000 series GPU?  I did report the bug in driver.  

Moved back to AMD when my GTX 1080 ended its life.  Picked up a 5700xt and now on to 6900xt, with the 5700xt still running in my spouses system.  I have been lucky as this is the first major issue, I have had with modern AMD drivers.


Power Color Red Devil 6900xt Ultimate


MSI X570

1000W PSU

32GB Gskil DDR4 3600

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