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Adept I

6900XT Crashing in WoW

Hi all


When I play WoW, in borderless fullscreen (it doesn't have any real fullscreen option), my drivers will crash very often. Once every 2 or 3 hours. Screen goes black, after 1 or 2 minutes maybe it recovers, maybe I have to reboot. It happens mostly when I alt tab but can happen when the game has been in foreground or background for a while too.


I've heard that my 850W PSU is probably not enough. Regardless, this only happens in World of Warcraft, of all the games I've been running on my PC (including 2 instances of Dying Light 1080p 60fps + 1440p 167fps with NucleusCoop). If it's a PSU or temp problem, how does it affect one of the least demanding games I have, and only when it's borderless?


I tested putting the game in windowed mode, no crashes at all. I haven't tested unplugging my 2nd monitor yet, but I'm on it. I've tried lowering the fps to 60, didn't work. Edit: so far so good, only 1 monitor plugged, borderless fullscreen, no crashes in an hour of alt-tabbing.


GPU: 6900 XT (reference)

CPU: 12700KF

MB: Z690-A DDR4

RAM: Crucial 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16

PSU: Corsair RMx (2018) 850 W

Monitors: M27Q (DisplayPort) + generic 1080p (HDMI)

GPU and CPU not overclocked, PSU cords are not daisy chained

Latest drivers, latest bios flashed, only RTSS running at all times

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Journeyman III

I'm having the same thing. It's a driver issue. Played WoW for a year with no issue. Updated my drivers in the late September/early October 


Then it sounds like something that could be a driver thing yes, but can you list your specs. Maybe there is a way to mitigate or eliminate the issue. Businesses test hardware and software, so in general you can expect it to work if hardware isn't broken nor data/drivers are corrupted. Bugs exist and there are a lot of them, but by far most of them do not appear in normal use nor with average hardware as manufacturers have mostly tested most "normal" hardware and software combinations.

Lately I feel many have had issues with systems with more than just one monitors connected, and even more surprisingly... It doesnt' always help just to turn of the monitor, you actually need to unplug it.

Some other have had issues when hardware acceleration is enable in different software like web browsers.

I would probably try with only one monitor plugged in, no hardware acceleration enabled in browsers or Steam(or whatever you have/use), no streaming software, MSI afterburner or anything extra on. When it works, try one by one to find which one causes it.


Sounds like something caused by Nucleus Co-Op. Maybe inform them about the issue. You could also use the bug report tool in Radeon software to inform AMD. Remember to mention using Nucleus.

Adept I

Download version 22.9.2 from here:

And then don't update for a while, until AMD has sorted these issues out. There are a lot of problems with dual monitor setups with different framerates and AMD drivers at the moment. It's entirely driver-based and changes from version to version, e.g. 22.10.x drivers have the problems, while 22.9.x drivers do not have the problems.

Other than that, try disabling MPO:

Haven't tested that myself with WoW, though.

Thank you for the link. What is the best way to know when the issue will be resolved with new drivers? Wait for a couple new versions to come out and then try them?


I have no clue. Probably just praying for a fix?


If seen 10 user reports on wow forums on EU about system freezes gpu driver crashes and 7 more on the US defiantly some issues with drivers but old drivers have gpu driver crashes but this is more weekly then daily so its less problematic on older drivers by the looks of it.

Really annoying i only have these problems in wow

however 22.11.2 is far from stable why are AMD ignoring so many problems they clearly sold some faulty gpu's and wow is like a ticking timebomb waiting to kill my gpu.


I've been experiencing significantly less issues running 22.9.2 driver version linked a few replies above.

Adept I

same issu with RX 5700 XT


I've been experiencing significantly less issues running 22.9.2 driver version linked a few replies above.


Thanks for mentioning might try but that would defiantly mean that i have to disable MPO


I also experience system freezes in wow disabling MPO wont fix it, it does fix annoying blackscreens tho but i will see 22.11.2 is more stable but not stable enough it still has slow down bug and stutter during whatsapp video calls, feels like the whatsapp video call stutter slow down bug only happens on windows 11 also noticed windows 10 is more stable cos if not seen anyone report these problems with system freezes on windows 10 only gpu driver crashes on windows 10


edit: i suspect the freezes have something to do with the way the game loads in stuff and it happens quite extreme shader related or something, when flying in dragonflight the amount of popin is quite heavy and sometimes it feels like the game is hammering the gpu when loading in stuff it spikes down to 0 mhz and back to full speed like couple of times


Just for sake of OP

These are my specs

AMD 6900 XT reference waterblocked hitting 55c hotspot 44c gpu temp these days

X570-E with 5950x also watercooled PBO on but if had system freezes without any overclocks or PBO, even reproduced it by putting wow in a window and resizing it abnormally which instantly caused system freeze + blackscreen indicating the game is MPO unstable like firefox used to be or chrome is.

2x 980 pro 2 tb

2x mx500 2 tb

2x 860 evo 1 tb

1x mech drive wd 4 tb

4x 8 gb ddr4 3600 cl 16 flat also tested another memory kit cl18 ddr4 2x 16 gb ddr4 3600 same system freezes no memory errors ever found.

cpu also tested stable so far

PSU be quiet! dark rock power pro 12 1200w in both single rail and multirail if had system freezes and gpu driver crashes.

Also tested another power supply evga 1300 g2 still same issues gpu driver crashes in wow.

So far if seen 20+ different reports of the same system freezes gpu driver crashes they all seem to happen with FULL AMD systems AMD gpu and cpu happens on 5000 series and 6000 series


Small update if i did not mention it yet but i can run heaven benchmark in a loop in a window for 24 hours no issues.

superposition for 8 hours no issues

port royal in a loop in a window for 8 hours no problem.

The fact i can run heaven benchmark no problem 24 hours no problem may indicate that the issue is freesync cos freesync cannot engage unless the game or benchmark is running fullscreen.

There is an issue where if radeon software crashes or qtwebengine crashes task bar will glitch on screen for split second sometimes not directly noticeable unless you seen it before, this glitch causes loss of focus for split second and if you alt tab from a game freesync enchanced sync or vsync will disengage usually and re engage when going back in game, this is probably causing AMD problems cos its engaging to fast after disengaging from alt tab.

Im quite obsessive user for example if resizing a window can cause blackscreen i will resize it abnormally non stop just to proof a point there is a driver issue.

People have noticed alt tabbing causes blackscreens so they obsessively alt tabbed a lot to see if still an issue.

But no one considers that game running in focus can sometimes lose focus like a bug if mentioned as well so it could be what is causing the blackscreens or system freezes as well.

Speaking of which if had 5 blackscreens today as follows

few times while alt tabbing

Once due notification from windows because world of warcraft does not engage game mode due to windows bug so notifications are enabled in world of warcraft as result.

1 random blackscreen when i was't even alt tabbing and having a notification cos after that 1 time i got fed up and disabled notifications.

Also what if noticed is if certain MPO order is engaged there is always 1 MPO plane having issue i suspect depending on order apps startup you either have issues that boot or not, cos i kept blackscreening even randomly until i rebooted.

And if had whatsapp lag that can cause blackscreens as well and fixed lag by restarting 2 apps wallpaper engine and fancy zones.

Im heavily addicted to fancy zones because how easily i can snap certain windows to a zone, if put world of warcraft to ignore list tho and fancyzones setup to auto snap certain apps to specific zones, ignoring radeon software it self as well.

Anyway AMD could seriously take us more seriously if you not gonna listen to me, listen to these people reporting the same problem, i much rather prefer tho if you listend to all of us, and i really do not care if AMD correct me being wrong about something if been wrong a couple of times, mainly because this would only further proof there actual driver issues, i don't buy into this hardware failure crap as easily if the fix was that easy i would've fixed it by now.


Have you tried rolling back to Windows 10. I'm considering doing a system wipe and doing a fresh install back to 10 Pro. 

Adept II

Check this guide out ( and disable the MPO. This is a super common problem with recent AMD gpus and something that happens in any game that uses fullscreen or borderless fullscreen.


This wont fix system freezes, it only helps on desktop to disable MPO it does nothing for games.


AMD in denial about problems about blackscreens greenscreens greyscreens pinkscreens gpu driver crashes gpu driver freezes and system freezes by looks of it, just blame Microsoft video scheduler oh wait problem currently happens on AMD gpu's are only small market share i wonder why, oh yeah cos AMD loves to force Microsoft to fix their driver issues rather then fix it them self.

just one more month and i can finally buy new gpu and it wont be an AMD gpu, tired of this ignorance from AMD they clearly messed up their drivers and now released a broken gpu as well.

Journeyman III

I have the same issue however ive got the most recent update for the gpu. my screen doesnt go black my pc just fully restarts will turn off then come back on as a full reset. im not being bottlenecked or even not enough power as both gpu and cpu are running around 12%