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Adept I

6800U Adrenalin?

Just picked up a deal for a laptop on with 6800U vivobook and I noticed it comes with just AMD Radeon Graphics drivers.


When I went to see about AMD drivers it lists Adrenalin as an upgrade but recommends OEM and such.

Should I risk installing that or perhaps just stick whatever ASUS upgrades ?

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It is best to use OEM AMD Drivers, since they are 100% compatible with your laptop,  as long as they are not too out-dated. In you case Asus OEM AMD Driver.

But if Asus OEM driver is more than a year old and you need a newer driver to run a game or app  then you can update using AMD Laptop generic driver.

Just be aware that the AMD driver may not take full advantage of all of your Asus Laptop features plus it probably won't show the exact DGPU you have installed but it will be compatible.