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Adept I

6800 XT and Samsung Odyssey G9 periodic black screen system crash

I have a MSI Gaming X Trio 6800 XT and a Samsung Odyssey G9 (firmware M-T9549GGAA-1009.0). I am on Windows 10. My system periodically (after anywhere from 10 minutes to 6 hours of being on) black screens and it is completely unrecoverable (but the fans keep spinning). I have to hard power off the system (holding the hardware power button) to restart. I am experiencing this on driver versions 20.11.2 and 21.2.1 and have been running the monitor at 120Hz with adaptive sync on. The most recent crash, on version 20.11.2, also caused the fans to ramp to full but this is not the behavior I have normally been experiencing.


I just installed the new card and monitor on Friday and have been experiencing this issue continually ever since.

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Adept I

I should also note that it isn't a thermal problem. I've run a GPU stress test (FurMark) which keeps the card pegged at 98-99% utilization and the temp is completely stable at about 71 deg C, 93 deg C junction temp.


Also, when the crashes occur, I can usually continue to hear sound from the system (music, game audio, discord) for 2-5 seconds (or so) and then it cuts out as well.

I tried to use the driver's built-in Bug Report Tool and after filling the form out, during the step where it said "collecting system information" or something like that, the crash occurred again.


It has been happening both in game (Valheim) during game launch (Assassin's Creed: Origins) and out of game.

Adept I

I tried a completely fresh install of Windows 10. I installed the drivers using the autodetect tool (picked 20.11.2) and rebooted the machine. Within 5 minutes of logging back in, black screen and crash. I've tried freesync on and off, no difference.

On the surface, seems like a hardware issue. Check the card in another system. 

Adept II

I am starting to believe there is a problem with these screens (mine is a C49RG9, not the same as yours).

Not sure who should fix what, but looks like driver companies... as if I run the screen from the CPU Graphics, it never has problems.

I am almost positive this is a driver problem or compatibility with these screens. Lots of people complaining about this.

Although, I would recommend you to use the AMD Driver cleaning tool (that removes all drivers in safe mode) and then re-install to confirm that is still not solved or not.


For me, it was exactly like you, and then, after doing the cleanup, it took 2 or 3 days... but would still freeze.

Currently, I am testing having the card installed but without any drivers (windows does not detect it) to validate the card has nothing that could be causing the system to malfunction (electrically). This is because the store tested the card for 2 consecutive days, but finding what I found, I wanna make sure my way too.

Another thing that I have not yet tested, and would appreciate if someone tests, is to disable freesync on the monitor and card... and force running both at fixed refresh.

Hopefully, there is enough evidence to AMD that there are still problems with these screens + GPU combination.

I have the same problems but running with a msi mpg341cqr ultrawide screen, can’t get any DP port to run without black screens and crashing but hdmi will run stable without crashing when changing the pci slot the gpu is in from gen 4 to gen 3 in bios. Mine is a total new build and have encountered these black screens as soon as try logging into windows from start up. Im going to borrow a mates gsync monitor to try that out today and see I get the same problems but with researching forums it seems it might be a ultrawide screen problem with software compatibility. 

I encounter the same issues, but with an old non-FreeSync/non-Gsync 144hz 1080p panel and a 60hz 1080p panel.
I ordered a G7 Odyssey but having the problems already. Seems pretty random when it occurs, but Im having a hard time tracking each single time down, since it happens maybe once a day and Im pretty sure it happened once when on desktop.
The other times it was while playing WoW.

Can I ask if you are all connecting your monitors to tower via Display port or Hdmi!?

Not sure whom you're asking, but I connect my monitor via DisplayPort. Never had a problem. 

I'm using DisplayPort. Currently experimenting with the 20.11.2 drivers installed without Adrenalin ( and The system didn't crash all night (~8-9 hours on). I will continue testing today.

May I know what's your system specs? 

What's your GPU usage during heavy load or gaming?


Depends if you limit or not frame rate...

but around 150 W was the max I have seen. To be honest I really don't care about power consumption. As long it's stable.

I mean is GPU running 99% all the time when gaming? 


If you don't limit the FPS's of the card, that's going to be the end result yes.. most likely.

Previously most games would be CPU bound and the big GPU cards would not be able to process much data, hence not going to 99%.... or also, if you were using VSYNC and using a beefy card, when using 60Hz resolutions, that would effectively limit the framerate the GPU is required to produce... meaning the GPU would never or unlikely go to 100%.

Without those problems in the way anymore (CPUs and PCIe has improved quite a bit), the GPUs are able to produce huge amounts of FPS... until they reach 100%. Not that you need that... but if you don't tell them to stop (at a certain FPS rate) they will just as much as they can.

There is an option on the Adrenalin drivers to limit the FPS in general... I have a 120Hz monitor, so my limit is that. Above that I don't really see any benefit... so there is no reason for that.

Hope this helps you understand a bit more.


Note: If you are indeed limiting and still see 99% GPU usage, then you might have a problem. But be sure to understand the game requirements before assuming you have a problem.


OP here again.

Despite the non-Adrenalin driver install method, which was showing stability for a day or two, I am continuing to experience full system crashes with a blank screen. The monitor (the G9) remains "on" (pixels are on) but show no image. I am almost entirely sure that this is a Windows driver issue and not a hardware problem with the card because I dual-boot this system with Linux (Arch, latest available kernel) for work and have full stability, no crashes. I am on the verge of returning this card and hunting down a 3080 or 3090 because having my entire system crash randomly is a horrible experience.

I have the same problem like you.

AMD RX6800XT + Odissey G9  need to restart 4/5 my computer to have a screen of windows (connection ok on Display port 1 but bblack screen).

I have called SAMSUNG and after 1h of diagnostic together they told me call AMD there is a problem with the game card

I have the same problem like you.

AMD RX6800XT + Odissey G9  need to restart 4/5 my computer to have a screen of windows (connection ok on Display port 1 but bblack screen).

I have called SAMSUNG and after 1h of diagnostic together they told me call AMD there is a problem with the game card

Journeyman III

You can disable "MPO feature in registry". It helped me and many people who use odessy gX monitors. Nvidia has .reg file in their manual.