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Adept II

6800 & 6900XT screen space reflection artifacts in (almost) all games.

So i finally got my 6900XT merc 319.

i am quite happy with it after the frustrating broken RDNA1 experiences.

i have ironed out all issues that i had with my card but one still persists.

Square artifacts in reflective surfaces, overlapping textures (like blood on a wall in RB6 Siege), Water reflections etc.
it only happens in selected objects/surfaces/textures and only in certain games.
for example, Battlefield V on everything that is water and wet stone, in Black Ops Cold war almost only on the walls in the photo and several other things like advertising boards and the roof of the building. 
in Rainbow six siege it is ONLY blood on a surface and nothing else. 

it happens every time, it does not get influenced by voltage or clockspeed, everything is 100% stable and no game or application crashes. 
it is every time on the exact same surfaces.
it does not get fixed with a blank windows 10 installation, freshly downloaded games and even another PC.
seems like a driver issue to me since it does appear with my brothers 6800 non XT too.

Screenshot 2021-02-07 224406.pngScreenshot 2021-02-07 224427.pngScreenshot 2021-02-07 224441.png

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I have noticed the same thing in various games. Mostly in NFS2015. There is huge deal going on with shaders and drivers for rdna2 . Maybe that''s why 2021 drivers version is still unavailable and they are pushing all the time adrenalin 2020 

Same on water in BFV 

Looks awfull



Adept I

Did you ever fix this issue? I have a 6800XT and I have the exact same issue on call of duty black ops Cold War. I’ve tried absolutely everything to no avail. I’ve had a 5700xt do the same thing and I’ve have 4 other different AIB 6800xt models and they all do it too. I have friends who have Nvidia graphics cards and they don’t have this issue so I’m starting to think it only effects AMD GPUs.

Adept I

Did you ever fix this issue? I have a 6800XT and I have the exact same issue on call of duty black ops Cold War. I’ve tried absolutely everything to no avail. I’ve had a 5700xt do the same thing and I’ve have 4 other different AIB 6800xt models and they all do it too. I have friends who have Nvidia graphics cards and they don’t have this issue so I’m starting to think it only effects AMD GPUs.

Adept I

Want to bump this. Downloaded the latest drivers (21.5.1) about an hour ago and still hasn't been fixed. Battlefield 1 and BFV.

Adept I

BUMP same issue 6800XT in reflections in BFV & Need For Speed.

In BFV if you turn off raytracedreflections in console it temporarily fixes it, but it auto enables itself.
I have no idea what the heck is going on.
Some help would be appreciated other than "Please provide dx12 diag" like **bleep**, it always turns up it's fine.


So someone mentioned somewhere to drop postprocessing to medium to resolve shimmering in water/reflections for BFV, and it works.
So what part of the AMD drivers are mishandling postprocessing?
This seems to be an ongoing issue from way back when, many years going, so how is this resolved?
I can't seem to find a global driver settting to resolve this.

"Drop postprocessing to medium to resolve shimmering in water/reflections."


This worked for me, thanks.

Journeyman III


I have recently built a new desktop with a 6900XT LC card from ASUS and I’ve been experiencing the exact same problem on Rainbow Six Siege. It happens just as the OP describes: only when blood is splattered on a surface. I haven’t been able to fix it and any help would be appreciated.

This is also my experience.

Have tried using AMD's cleanup utility, and 3rd party DDU to cleanup old driver elements as I've had Nvidia cards to test, 3070, 3080, but no good.

I'm not about to reinstall the OS for this, as I've read in another thread that someone tried and still had the issue.

This is my third 6800XT Midnight Black for coil whine issues and this one is miles quieter than previous samples so I'm keeping this one.

It doesn't appear like we're getting any assistance with this, and we're at a loss.

In regards to my build specifically, every part was just as new as the GPU so anything to do with drivers from passed cards isn’t in play. I’ve always had Nvidia GPUs up until now, but this system has never seen one. I have a new system just built a few weeks ago: Gigabyte B550 Pro V2, 5900X, ASUS 6900XT LC. This is my first AMD GPU and I don’t plan on getting rid of it- I’d just love some insight from someone who knows what is actually happening when I see the reflecting artifacts in game and how to fix it. I appreciate the replies telling us that we aren’t alone in this problem either.


This is ridiciolus, gonna change back to Nvidia because there it labored faultless, no jagged edges, no artifacts white lines in even the handiest games like "Crab Game" better hues, better clearness no bugged raytracing stuff better reflections no grainy shadows and so forth.


Running a RX 6900 XT and have the same issue. Tried a complete OS re install did not work that included formatting my SSD. The games affected for me so far is Valheim Foundation Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion Howeworld Remastered 1 and 2. I've tried all the sync options which had no positive effect. I've checked my OS for conflicts and missing or file corruption none were found. I've run dxdiag and no missing files conflicts or corruptions were found. I've ran a command prompt disk check and no problems were detected. MY only guess is that the games are not optimized for the latest AMD GPU's or they just flat out show biased preference for AMD systems. I actually had one of the game developers for Space Engineers admit this. They give priority to optimize for Invidia based GPU's and either ignore or hold back optimization for AMD GPU's. I'm not having overheating on any of my hardware. I get no crashes blackscreen or lag in mentioned games just a triangle shaped flickering on most surfaces and severe horizontal tearing. Its strange though even with these issues I still get a high FPS and no stutter in these games. 


I just got my card last week ago and I mainly play Cold war and it looks exactly like in the pictures. Are there any updates on the case and is this supposed to get fixed? This is really really disappointing tbh.


Just as a side note  -a responsible customer would not buy a gpu from a company that already give you broken product before[5700xt as you mentioned, you had problems].Why did you reward AMD again for their incompetence? The quirks are due to shader compilations bugs, it can be fixed by developers OR by gpu driver. If it works good on nvidia, then its probably AMD having problem. 

I had exact water problems with BF1/BFV on 5700XT. 

Adept I

I have the same issue in every game little cubes when I look at the ground reflections and jagged edges in the distance, every game look worse in resolution and color. 

This is ridiciolus, gonna change back to Nvidia because there it worked flawless, no jagged edges, no artifacts white lines in even the simplest games like "Crab Game" better colors, better clearness no bugged raytracing stuff better reflections no grainy shadows etc...

I payed over 1200€ for the RX6800 and it feels like a scam.

I would look into reinstalling the drivers after using DDU and then looking for other possible corruption in Windows. Make sure to clean any other card drivers with DDU, don't have Nvidia drivers on there also. Make sure your PSU is at or above the recommended by your card manufacturer.

I am running a 6700 XT and I luckily don't have any of these problems, Battlefield 5, Amid Evil, Pumpkin Jack, Deliver Us The Moon, raytracing in 1440P and 1080P is running great for me. So it could be a hardware problem, I would look into RMA of the card if it's still in warranty, after I tried everything else including a full Windows reinstall just to make sure. These problems can be hard to figure out exactly what is causing it. Good Luck.


You have those issues too and lie about it maybe even faboyrism.

Its not a hardware fault and we don't have Nvidia drivers in the first place DDU 3000x times and every possible setting was tested its AMD and game developers fault.

You have especially in BFV when you have RX OFF huge reflection cubes on your weapon on the water etc..

Reflection bugs on walls, not accurate colors and shadow grain, all AMD cards have those there isn't "I don't have those issues"

or you are just blind

I have 3 benches with different hardware and I tested the RX 6800, RX 6800 XT and RX 6900XT 

ALL DirectX 9 games have huge issues.

Just test a Nvidia Card and you will instantly see the difference. 


What's likely happening is that they're constructing the Reflection in 8x8 or 16x16 "Blocks", almost certainly as the Console version uses Chequerboard / Tiled Rendering; this means that the Data for the next Pass should be shared, but the Specification itself means that the Hardware will by default flush (reuse) said Memory Space ... thus you'll get Garbage Data out, as it's no longer the actual data you held there.


I can't comment on RB6 Siege or Black Ops Cold War, I don't play those, but I may at some point. I don't play BF V with Raytracing off. It sure seems fine to me and no I am not blind. I see lots of videos on youtube with other people like me where we don't have the errors as described in the subject. As far as DX 9 problems, yes there are some games that do have problems, I don't play many DX 9 games and if I notice any image corruption I look for fixes, or play the game on a GTX 1080. No the world or AMD is not perfect I agree with you AMD should fix those problems, they usually say they are optimizing for the latest releases, so a wise person would just play it on an Nvidia, I agree.

I don't know what is causing the original posted problem, I just wanted to give some friendly suggestions.


BFV and BF2042 have those issues since DXR was implemented you have those issues because everyone has.


Most AMD users need to turn that off via config or console "PostProcess.ScreenSpaceRaytraceEnable 0" and will appear over and over again I am 100% sure many people hide this fact but reflections in games with checkerboard rendering or raytraced are completly broken on AMD Cards. And thats not the only game like I said as good as all DX9, 10 and 11 games, Ubisoft games with broken AA etc..



All I can say is I don't see the problems that you claim in BF V. I can see in the videos the problems, and it's not like that on my PC it's a 5800X 32 GB Sapphire RX 6700 XT. I've played lots of raytracing games so I guess some people have the problem and others don't? So I just loaded it up and it's patched to the latest version on Origin and I don't see anything like in your screenshot. Also I would think after playing lots of raytracing games I would notice such blockiness, but I didn't it looks like any other video on youtube with AMD cards running raytracing.

Do you see blockiness in this comparison video? I don't



The guy in the benchmark may used PostProcess.ScreenSpaceRaytraceEnable 0 in config or console like I said just google it there are countless threads about those issues.


I didn't use that fix and there maybe is a problem with some games, but as you see in the video, that is what I see with my AMD card, it ray traces fine. As to what the problem is, it's anyone's guess, I guess I will thank my lucky stars that my Sapphire card works fine for me, I've seen people have problems, but what were you saying all games are broken? Why does Control, and all the other games in this video look fine and on my card look fine?


I found a few posts about PostProcess.ScreenSpaceRaytraceEnable, but they are from 2018 so I think that may now not be needed for BF V.

Back to the original problem, I'd RMA the card if my card did that, also I would test the CPU RAM etc. with lots of benchmarks to make sure I don't have a bad stick of RAM or something.

I can assure you that when I play DX 12 and ray traced games, there is no graphical blockiness. Sure there are some problems with DX 9, but none of the games the original poster mentioned is DX 9, they are either DX 11 or raytraced DX 12.


Check this video, guy has a 6800 and doesn't seem to have problems in either RB6 Siege or COD Warzone. It's from a year or so ago, but it does show that those games should work OK.

It is possible that at higher setting for postprocessing could cause artifacts, put a bug report to AMD, remember that they generally optimize for newer games and may not prioritize for fixes for older games, it would be great if they could but they do have limited resources. Not making excuses just saying the truth.


It's a strange problem points to a bad card, or possibly something in the system going wrong causing the artifacting.

Here is COD Black Ops Cold War with DXR on and off, this is how it looks on my 6700 XT, it is slower, but still fast enough for me, and has no problems.


You can't see those things on Video because of Bitrate of Youtube different render methods etc.. 

The RayTracing Bug is not solved and not only from 2018 its on going even today, I have 3 Cards!

There is no way I gonna get 3 of those Brand New and each of those have the same problem, like I said thats not a Hardware issue but a serious driver fault.

Reddit is full of complaints about Radeon 6000 Series in litteraly every game.

Its funny how you mention control or other amd optimized games obviusly running fine on AMD Hardware, I can play Sea of Thieves fine, but whats the point, if each other game is a mess!? 

I gonna change back to Nvidia anyway, like most people did experiencing those issues, most threads on Reddit, TomsHardware or here haven't solved and never will, most of them switched back to team green, instead wasting weeks fixing settings that should be out of the box. A friend has the same issues and switched the card 3 times, then bought a RTX 3070 and every issues was gone, colors, Anti Alaising , screenspacereflections etc..

And whats more ridiciolus that on my 2070 Gsync runs better on a Freesync Monitor then on a AMD card.


I am done with the 6000 lineup its still broken like the 5000 series was. 


It's fine we disagree. I don't see any problems in my card or the videos, and I know for a fact that my card works and not like what is posted in the screenshots. I'm going to go play and you can have your new Nvidia card that is fine. I guess you get out the magnifying glass and say it's blockier, that's OK, and it's funny how lots of people have the problem and the rest of us are enjoying our cards. I have no clue why on some cards it looks so bad.

Are all three cards showing like the last screenshot in Battlefield V? I'd be asking for my money back for the merc 319, I have a Sapphire and it's been nothing but smooth sailing.

Like I had stated before, I made no change to BF V and everything looks perfect. Maybe by changing that setting it's messing it up. Also the youtube video that was linked that shows the problem in BF V, mine never once looked like that.

I don't agree that the problems won't show up in youtube videos, because if you look at the nvidia side and the AMD side, they look exactly the same, so you are claiming the difference is not able to be seen because of youtube compression. Wrong, there are videos all over youtube showing how all types of raytracing works fine on AMD.

It's not strange I mentioned Control, because it works, Black Ops Cold War works fine (amazing game just got it on sale), Godfall works fine, Shadow of the Tomb Raider works fine, basically there are only a few RT titles that don't work well with AMD, and for a very new technology, that is really good.

It's strange that people can have such different experiences with the cards. I tested raytracing as soon as I got the card and lots of other games and to me and the games I play and am going to play I give the card very high marks. If I got a card from a manufacturer several times and it had the same problems, I'd switch card brands. Did you try another card like an AMD or Sapphire and get the same problems? This is really strange that some people's cards are fine and others look horrible.

You mentioned you had several cards, did you use a quality power supply, and test Windows and your RAM to make sure there isn't something going on? I've seen lots of posts people complain and then they say they replaced their noname 550 watt that is actually 400 and magically the problems disappear. I use a quality Corsair 850, or similar.


Why should I buy a NoName PSU with cards that are over 1000€ ?

I have 3 Systems with PSU's from NZXT, BeQuiet and Corsair each of them are over 800 Watts the Corsair one 1200 Watts.

Several RAM Kits from Corsair, Patriot, G.Skill. 

My newest build even has Alderlake with a DDR5 and DDR4 board from Gigabyte, ASUS and MSI each one of them has the newest BIOS, Chipsetdrivers and all systems are running how they should be the RTX 2070 is not the only card I have and they are all running perfectly fine even on the newest plattform.

Its like I said a waste of time, I've builded system for friends and for myself, its not the hardware thats faulty its the drivers. And it doesn't solve anything if people like you are talking fairytails about having no issues.

Whenever a problems reported, a handful of members are like:

  • Hey, I don't have this issue, so it's your fault. (Hardware 101: different architecture, software combinations can lead to varying results, but I think it's more convenient to ignore that these days.)
  • Hey, you're not using a top of the line AMD card. You're poor. You don't deserve support.
  • Hey, I have this issue but it probably is not the drivers fault, (even though the only variable that changed between working game is the driver) it must be the game's fault. Wait for the devs to fix it.
  • Hey, the game you're playing is too old. (Game released last year.)
  • Hey, why would you want to run 4:3 aspect on a 16:9 monitor, or vice versa? Don't do that. It's your fault for expecting something like that to work.
  • Hey, you're playing the game wrong.
  • Hey, you're playing a crap game.
  • Hey, I have this monitor/TV/custom resolution, it worked fine on an nvidia/intel GPU, doesn't work when I bought an AMD card. Solution: Go buy nvidia, what are you complaining here for, greenhorn!
  • There is no downclocking issue. It happens when you've a second monitor is connected. (Despite older drivers behaving in the exact opposite manner or worse: you not using a second monitor)
  • Just flash a custom BIOS that gets rid of the UVD clock to get rid of downclocking issues. (That's totally how cards are supposed to work, right?)
  • Hey, you're just trolling, and there're no such issues. 10/10 perfect AMD drivers. (Defenders of AMD's honor X, Y and Z likes this)

Fanboys being dismissive of driver issues doesn't help the actual consumers of AMD hardware, but it gives them all the more reason to jump on to the opposite camp, because they come across issues that do not get fixed quickly enough, if at all, and nobody wants to be ridiculed or called names for having legitimate issues with a product and trying to share their experience about it.



We won't agree.

The reason you might use a no name PSU with an expensive GPU is because the world is a varied place where people actually do that. Don't ever over estimate someone's skill level.

Do you even use the 6800 anymore? The problems with BF V may have been a driver problem at one point, it's not now. I got my card in May '21 and have had very few problems. I didn't tell fairy tales, I said I had personally had very few problems, and I don't agree with your analysis of DXR on AMD, as if the video and ray tracing was crap, don't you think there would be reviews out there saying that? There's not. If you don't believe it, I can't change that. I hate to break it to you, but no card will ever run every game ever made. I am happy with my card, I only want to understand and learn and try to help others. I don't speak for other users on here, it's a user support board, if you don't like their suggestions don't use them and contact AMD, I do actually agree with your list of what people sometimes reply and it is flippant/disrespectful, and yes there are problems that need to be fixed, we helping on this board have no say on what AMD does or doesn't do. I personally have fixed and documented lots of little fixes, and really didn't mind doing it all that much. I wish you luck.


The post here, was made in July 21 go to the first page and look at the last picture.

That happens when you disable DXR in BFV I still have the RX 6800 and tried BFV last week its still there and nothing has changed the only fix for this is via command in console ...

" I hate to break it to you, but no card will ever run every game ever made."

Sadly on Nvidia it does litteraly and if there is a problem drivers get pushed out instantly.

I have over 600 games on Steam and only 2 games had issues on NVIDIA since I got the AMD Cards litteraly every game that isn't developed on AMD hardware has issues.

I tested working games like

FarCry 6

Sea of Thieves 





Assassins Creed Odysee, Valhalla etc..

And they have all the same thing in common, they are AMD featured but as soon as you go out of this list, issues everywhere its a ***** mess. 

Maybe you have a IGPU in your processor and somehow magically fixes most of this bull**bleep** in like a coexistence like nvidia PhysX was back then lol

But on a  I7 12700KF, I9 12900KF, I9 10900KF doesn't do the magic.



"That happens when you disable DXR in BFV I still have the RX 6800 and tried BFV last week its still there and nothing has changed the only fix for this is via command in console ..."

I said several times I RUN BF V WITH RAYTRACING ON. The problem doesn't show up for me, therefore it doesn't matter to me. Put a ticket in to AMD.

The original post is from Feb (02) 7th 2021.

As far as some games not working, welcome to the PC graphics wars, they have been going on since the first cards were released, there will always be things that have to be fixed between vendors. I accept this fact.

As far as claiming all Nvidia games have problems, Black Ops Cold war is Nvidia and works fine, lots of others work fine. Yes, there are problems with some games. All I can say is with all this constraint on hardware I am glad I have a card that ray traces and I am happy with it, so that is fine you like your card, I have a huge number of games that work great, I'm happy.

I haven't been on Nvidia's support forums lately but you will find people complaining about bugs and problems, so there is no greener grass, each has some problems.


"I said several times I RUN BF V WITH RAYTRACING ON."

So you play BFV with 40 FPS to have less cubes in the relfections, water etc ? 

It breaks if you have DXR OFF thats the thing and you have it, everyone on AMD has, take a Picture on 1440p and send it here, just look in the water, like the dude that postet this thread. Ive got my new cards today, but not from AMD lol.

Everything is fixed now, every game has razorsharp AA again, I can play all games in custom aspect ratios in fullscreen instead borderless, all blur, grainy shadows, weird reflections and trash colors are gone, tearing is much better, so it has nothing to do with Windows 11 or the recent GPU generation or any hardware I had in those rigs except RADEON.

I can clearly see now, nothing has changed since the 5000 series, maybe you people are used to those graphics over those years, but Radeon is to much focused on CPU's and Console APU's these days instead GPU's, I will buy Radeon if those issues get fixed, if not I am staying away from Radeon Hardware. 



I don't need 100 fps, I do fine with an average of 60, not everyone has to play at such high frame rates. I already told you I don't have the problem with non-DXR BF V because I don't run it non ray traced, but you seem to not be able to understand that. It's a personal preference. I play it fine and the single and multiplayer is fine in BF V with raytracing on, the game is from 2018 so it's not as demanding on new hardware, it runs just as fast as a 2080 TI. I am glad you like your card, for my needs I like my card. The 4080 will be out soon and AMD's new stuff anyway, right?

"maybe you people are used to those graphics over those years"

No I'm not used to it, remember I have a GTX 1080 also, I rarely have to use it when there is a game that uses Physx or something. Cheers, to each his own.

Edit: I have not had the bad shadows quality problems you mention, can you list the games that had it? Also, sometimes it may not be AMD's fault but the developers. The tech industry is full of stories of things not quite working well on competitor's hardware. It may not be AMD's fault sometimes.

Maybe you are enabling Radeon Image Sharpening? This post says to turn it off. I never use that:

This person says to fix it, Max out Screen Space Reflection Quality or turn it off:


If you can't show any proof at all and just talk, then its irrelevant, I can tell everyone that Santa exists, every day but it doesn't make the story belivable I litterlay asked so much Radeon owners and litteraly everyone has this problem except you.

Its like god give you a miracle and you are the only guy on the planet that doesn't have those issues lol 


If you can't show off Pictures its a waste of time to discuss this issue any further.


Show pictures? Really, look on youtube like I already said. Where is your list of games with shadow problems? I think you just want to stir up trouble. Have fun, cheers.

Are you helping anyone on this board or just here to bash AMD? I already said there were some problems IN SOME GAMES, you do understand that someone can play games that don't have problems with AMD, right? How many times do I have to repeat myself when you post? I played and already listed all the games I played and they looked fine. If you don't believe it, that's up to you. Also it seems you don't even like AMD, why keep the card, sell it! There is no silver bullet everything always works, but you claim Nvidia always fixes everything, you are the epitome of hyperbole.

I'm currently playing Godfall and Black Ops Cold war, go look up screenshots or videos from reviews on AMD, it looks just like that, if you want to nitpick just post the link and that will work just as good. I'm not uploading a bunch of stuff that can be found online. Care to explain why both Linus Tech Tips, Gamers Nexus, all tech journalists agree with me on AMD quality (YES THERE ARE A FEW PROBLEMS WITH SOME OLDER AND SPECIFIC GAMES, I SAID IT SEVERAL TIMES), and disagree with you?


I've run into the same issue on some games. Recording and screenshots just won't capture the visual flickering. I've tried 5 different monitors 6 different HDMI cables and 4 different GPU's. The screen flickering doesn't change and the only consistent fact for me is the screen flickering only occurs on early access titles or older DX9 games. Just because you don't experience a problem doesn't mean it doesn't exist for other people in the world. SO PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A** BUCKO!


Wow, so now it has to be seen to be believed in person. Well, there maybe some problems. I like my card.

I don't think people arguing online with no say on what AMD does will fix it. I never said the problem didn't exist, I said it didn't effect me. Therefore any reasonable person would understand that I am not going to put much effort into it.

Thunderbeaver said: "Just because you don't experience a problem doesn't mean it doesn't exist for other people in the world. SO PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A** BUCKO!"

I'm not sure who you are addressing, I never said that. I posted five times how I agree there were some problems, but I have only had a few. There are thousands of games. AMD prioritizes new games. It's the facts, it'd be great if they could fix every problem. I am not the savior for BF V non DXR visual bugs or any other problem, and it's my opinion the card is great FOR GAMES I PLAY.

It's often said the people that have the problems make the most noise and everyone else that has no problems never reports it. So reality is that I've found a few solutions on here and posted some help. It's good.

No one knows all the problems, and if people are on here only reading about all the games that have problems, it should be balanced by what I am stating, that there are a lot of games that in my opinion look great and run great. I won't try to convince you, just go to youtube and search for people playing games on there, I don't see them saying all the time "but there is flicker, and my textures look horrible, and all these problems", it's not everyone's experience.

If it were me and I had an older game that had visual anomalies, I would find older hardware or drivers where it worked and play the game and then move on. If the problem is a DX 9 or early access game, there isn't much you can do except contact AMD and the developers. I don't really like the answer either, but it is what it is. A whole novel could be written about MS, graphics card manufacturers and devs. None of us can fix it.

My apologies sir. I was addressing Percey's disrespectful comment about not having video or picture evidence of the screen flickering issue. I'm actually having the same issue with some of my games. I'm also aware that latest gen GPU's face a lot of odd issues as the developers of both the games and the operating systems play catch up. Once again I apologize to you for any misunderstanding my statement has caused.

I've just had a lot of very negative experiences with people like Percey who post narrow minded comments like that and I personally will not tolerate their BS.  

My goal was to support your GPU issue and hopefully assist in finding a solution. 

Once again I apologize to you and please understand I have 0 tolerance for disrespectful people.