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Adept I

6700xt overwatch random black screen and other issues

have been encountering several problems playing ow2 with my setup.
6700xt 5800x3d g skil ram and asrock b450 motherboard.
using driver 23.11.1 because the newer ones give even more issues.
im not running my ram at high speed because that can cause issues in this game.

im experiencing.
low fps on start of the game for first prob 60 sec.
the card is going up and down not knowing what to do untill it finally settles at high fps after 1 min of low and unstable fps.
second issue is random black screen wich are a big problem when playing comp.
after black screen gpu is disabled in device manager and getting error from radeon driver.
have used ddu in safe mode installing drivers im very aware of how to minimise problems but i cant figure this one out.
other games work fine like fortnite csgo gta 

anyone got similar problems or a fix?
have tried many things already.

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